Yamie Chess: New Learning Aid To Raise Math Achievement In School

More parents and educators than ever before are looking for educational toys to help their children not only excel in the classroom, but develop a lifelong love for learning. How can we get children to like a subject that is traditionally considered to be “tough” – like math? How to inspire our children to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)?

“Yamie Chess” might be just the help that is needed. It is an educational K-8 math learning aid system based on classic chess, developed with the intention to raise math achievement in the classroom. It promises parents and educators a new approach to learning math, logic and science, while engaging children in the fun adventures of Tigermore and The Mind Angels.

“Yamie Chess” was designed by a group of post-graduate math educators, expert scientists, and engineers from America’s top universities including The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Stanford University, Columbia University, Vanderbilt University, and University of Arizona. They have come together in a pioneering collaboration with a two-time USA chess champion and Women’s Grandmaster, Jennifer Shahade, to make a math educational aid that could supplement children’s math learning in a classroom.

“Yamie Chess” and its animated cast of cartoon characters, each representing a classic chess piece, helps children with their math homework, and – with its focus on critical thinking skills and cognitive development – builds their interest in STEM education. While engaged in a colorful fantasy world of “Yamie Chess”, your children are exploring math and science concepts through the mathematical beauty of classic chess. This educational game is designed to support the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Curriculum Focal Points in algebra, geometry, data analysis, measurement and number logic.

The math learning product itself includes a K-8 math comic coloring book, a chess set specially adapted for elementary and middle school age children, and coloring pencils. The goal of “Yamie Chess” makers is to make the class of 2025 the most employable and math proficient students ever to graduate the USA public school system. The company has already won many awards for “King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields”, the animated sequel to the K-8 math comic book in the forthcoming learning aid series.

“Yamie Chess” is proudly made in America. The first learning aid series, “The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels”, will be introduced at Ed Expo 2014 and American International Toy Fair 2014.