Writing a Biography

Writing a biography isn’t the easiest of writing tasks out there, mostly because it is up to you put down to paper the life story of someone else. Be it someone famous, or even someone you know, like a family member or friend, when keeping certain points in mind, writing a biography can become an easy and funny thing to do.

Most biographies proceed chronologically, so the best thing to do is to start off from the beginning of the life of the person whose biography you’re writing. Maybe talk a little about their ancestors and parents, mention the place they were born and be sure to start off with an interesting introduction, after all the beginning is what makes people want to turn pages when reading someone’s biography.


Next, talk about their growing up years, where did they grow up? What was the area like? What was their childhood like? Try to talk to people who knew them when they were kids, like neighbors or siblings and get an idea of what their life was like during that time period. In addition, talking about the childhood years helps develop a sense of wonder, like, in case you’re talking about someone famous, did they people they knew as kids ever think that one day their childhood friend or neighbor would go on to become famous? Things like these keep the biography interesting and separate it from a simple narrative.


Once the childhood years have been written, you can move on to things like education. Where did they study? What school did they go to? What electives did they choose? All of these are relevant details, as they show a glimpse into the history of the person you are writing about. Include any important events that might have taken place during that time period, maybe they dropped out of college early or took part in student protests, all these small events are what shaped the person as they are today, and are an important part of all biographies.


Moving on from education, the next step in writing a biography is talking about their life like afterwards. Write about any ambitions they might have had, whether they were able to fulfill those ambitions or not, did they go on do great things, what was their life like, their professions etc. Writing a biography is like answering all the questions someone might have about a person’s life.