Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work – Is Your Training Program a Waste of Time and Money?

Is your education application a waste of time and money?

Quick Quiz

Which of the subsequent statements nice describes your emotions approximately the education packages you’ve got got taken or have positioned your Sales Team through?

1 = Completely satisfied – education continually yields seen and measurable effects 2 = Fairly satisfied – education appears to be beneficial, however does now no longer continually yield the specified effects 3 = Unsure – The Sales Team is usually satisfied and commercial enterprise is transferring withinside the proper direction, however I’m uncertain whether or not education is a contributing issue 4 = Fairly dissatisfied – education is something “satisfactory to have” that my Sales Team ought to possibly do with out 5 = Completely dissatisfied – education is an highly-priced waste of time and resources

Common remarks from Sales Managers

If you are like maximum managers who set up income education in your Sales Team, you are not likely to document being “absolutely satisfied” with its really well worth.

We often survey senior Sales Managers in medium-to-big sized companies and the subsequent remarks are, unfortunately, very common.

“They appeared to revel in themselves, however weeks later we noticed little or no extrade.” (Regional Sales Manager, Automotive Manufacturer)

“Overall the education become precise, however the hassle is in getting the men to put in force the brand new skills. Nothing in reality appears to have modified an awful lot.”(National Sales Manager, Building Industry)

“My humans pass on those publications and get pumped up for an afternoon or after which their overall performance slips lower back to what it become earlier than the education – and in a few instances even worse due to the fact they may be confused” (State Sales Manager, Retail)

If you have ever attended a education route yourself, it is now no longer tough to peer the motives why.

You revel in the route and depart energised, with splendid intentions and a listing of factors you need to do otherwise as soon as you are lower back at work. But, by the point you get lower back to 2 days’ really well worth of unanswered emails, calls to go back and idea cut-off dates to meet, it is any other ten days earlier than you even forestall and reflect onconsideration on the education. The second for extrade has surpassed you by.

Training effect research affirm that the know-how won at a seminar or workshop falls off drastically inside only some days of completing the route.

And given the manner humans without a doubt learn, this is not in any respect surprising. Even so, we hold to count on that the income education occasion itself will make a measurable distinction in mild of sturdy proof that that is not likely to happen.

Let’s reflect onconsideration on this logically. Would you ship your baby to a -day route to learn how to play the piano, and count on them to precise sufficient to compete or byskip assessments with their new skill? Of route you wouldn’t.


Yet is not that the expectancy we’ve got while we ship our salespeople on a -day education application, our Sales Manager on a route to “Improve People, Productivity and Motivation”, or our Call Centre Manager on a -day “Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers” route?

Why maximum income education simply would not work

Whilst the proper income education route is a key component in converting behaviour, the income education occasion on its very own is and may in no way ever be the “magic bullet.”

Change is a process; it is now no longer an occasion

Achieving a sustainable and actual extrade in income conduct calls for an awful lot extra than sending your salespeople off to be trained. To get salespeople to measurably enhance and start to do matters otherwise calls for a one-of-a-kind technique. If we need to peer “actual” behavioral extrade and get a go back on our investment, we want to apply demonstrated grownup gaining knowledge of techniques and behavioural extrade procedures to enhance their know-how and decorate their capabilities. This way creating a departure from the conventional manner we technique income education.