Where to Find the Best Books Online

Here is a question that the true book lover always asks. There are many places to find and buy good books, and the internet has made it almost ridiculously convenient. But where do we start, and most importantly, where will we end? The first place to start is the world’s largest and best online bookstore, Amazon. It is almost hard to remember when Amazon was not one of our choices to buy books from, and now it ranks as number one. If we only found books at Amazon, there are more books available than we can possibly read, but it is nice to have other choices.

And there are many other choices. Depending on what you are looking for, some books are only available from certain organizations, such as learning how to invest in real estate. There are still a few chain stores available such as Barnes & Noble, who have an online presence. There are also many independent stores such as Powell’s. Each place has its own personality and distinct features. The true bibliophile can spend many hours just perusing the online availability of many wonderful books. In many ways, the hunt for that terrific book is almost as good as the read. If we always knew exactly where to find good books all the time, where would the fun be?


In some ways there is a new kid in town. There are books that can be found on Amazon or B&N, but are hard to find. Self-published books fall into this category. There are many terrific, exciting, well written books that you may never see. They are difficult to find unless you know where to look. You may be surprised that some of the best books you may ever read are self-published. If you search for sites that promote self-published authors you will find a treasure trove of great reading.

You may start at one place, and end up some place else. Just looking under a certain subject could lead you to books that you never knew existed.

When you find that great new place where the good books are, remember to bookmark it with your favorite sites. If you know where to look, there are always more books available than there is enough time to read them. Even Peter the speed reader can only read so many books in a day. There are many books available, but the key and also the fun is trying to find and choosing the ones that are worth your time to read. The last thing you want to do is read through a book, spend many hours and find that your time was not well spent. Therefore, the more choices you have to choose from, the better chance you will have of finding and reading the book that you will not be able to put down; the one that you will remember for a long time. And who knows, you may even pick it up and want to read it again one day.

Pat Esposito is an entrepreneur, an author, and a runner. He wrote Peter the Speed Reader. Learn how Peter became a speed reader, and how you can too. He is also the founder of Selfpublishauthors.com