Where to Buy and How to Use Roll-Up, Pull-Up, or Retractable Banner Stands

Question: I am a graphics broker – or as some would say, a “middle-man” – and would like to know where to find wholesale or discounted pricing on retractable banner stands – also known as roll-up banner stands or pull-up banner stands?

Answer: There are a lot of wholesale companies in the US, Canada, and Europe that sell to brokers. We’ve found that most of them are too over-priced for us to be able to add a mark-up and still remain competitive. And there are sites that sell direct at wholesale that make re-selling banner stands difficult as well.

To find a true wholesale broker, and we can’t toot our own horn here, you need to find a wholesaler with direct ties to factories in Asia particularly. Many wholesalers will tell you they do, but the likelihood is relatively slim that they’re in contact with a company in Asia directly, as there are often multiple layers of “middle men” in Asia as well, although if you can get a second tier middle man, you may be able to be competitive.

We have several plants we deal directly with, and a few 2nd tier middle men as well. The reason it is uncommon to deal directly with the manufacturer in many instances is because they require a secondary wholesaler to buffer them from small orders. For instance, some of the plants we deal directly with we won’t even bother if, for instance, we don’t have over a thousand banner stands to quote. However, some of the smaller manufacturers among our affiliates will give us pricing on smaller quantities and it is very competitive with wholesale sellers in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Question: Where are roll-up banners (pull-up banners, retractable banners) used?

Answer: The three names used in the question are identical items and describe a banner that rolls up similar to a pull-down window blind except there is a base and a pole to keep the banner standing up.

As far as what they are used for, or where they are used, there are a lot of places where they can be used. They are used most frequently at trade shows and seminars where a company may attend for a day or two and need a portable graphic or advertisement that can be hauled in a car or a jet to the location or city where the seminar is being put on.

As far as content for the banners, that will depend, of course, on what the presenting company is trying to accomplish with the banner. It may just be their company logo at the entrance of a meeting room in a hotel or convention center alerting attendees that this is the company meeting or seminar they are looking for.

A company may also use one or more at the back of the meeting room where company reps are available to answer questions and the banners may have salient bits of information regarding products or services the company is offering, inviting attendees to learn more about the products or services by asking a rep or grabbing a DVD or brochure.

A pull-up banner could also have the company logo and/or theme on the banner by the podium as well to create brand awareness as the speaker makes a presentation. Let’s say the speaker is promoting an educational course for attorneys designed to make them honest (I know, not likely) and upstanding citizens, he may have one on either side of the podium advertising the company name and slogan, “Attorney Educators: Changing the Face of the Reputation Attorneys Have,” or the like.

Anyway. Retractable banners can also be used to promote sales in retail environments, or along aisle at trade shows, beckoning potential clients to enter the booth to get more information on your company. So there are lots of uses for pull-up/roll-up banners stands. I’m sure you can come up with more than I did.

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Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn’t what he thought he’d do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!