What Does an Abusive Relationship Look Like?

Domestic violence is prevalent in many households in America. The figures we see in recent statistics may not be that reliable because a lot of people still keep themselves mum about their own pain. A lot of them continue to endure psychological, emotional and physical suffering that is gravely caused by an abusive partner. To say the least, this form of violence is not limited to a specific gender. It happens to both men and women. However, the frequent exposure and familiarity of more and more households to such violence does not make it lesser evil. Violence per se is a crime and it should not be tolerated. Talk to a divorce lawyer about it. There’s definitely time for marital separation when the situation calls for it. Below are some symptoms of an abusive relationship.


Name Calling

Verbal abuse is one common manifestation of an abusive relationship. Abuse is not solely rooted to physical pain, but to other aspects as well. If your partner starts to call you names in a very disrespectful and insulting way, you are experiencing abuse. Domestic violence in this case is hard to find because some people unconsciously wear blinders that unfortunately tell them to drop everything that’s negative portrayed or done by their partners. The blinders, in one way or another, filter the very presence of violence – in the hopes of a future resolution. If the situation seems a little vague for you, consult to a divorce lawyer to be enlightened on the matter.

Oppression of Freedom

Does your partner disallow you to meet your friends and family? Does he or she try to manipulate your schedule and prohibit you from going to specific places irrationally? Do your partner’s decisions affect your career? Is your partner taking over your life? There are many questions you need to answer, but if you answered yes to most of these questions, then most probably your partner is trying to take away your freedom. Verify these symptoms with a divorce lawyer for legal advice and take the necessary actions. As a person, you have rights that need to be protected – even if that’s against your marital partner.

Uncontrolled Anger

A lot of marriages fail because of physical abuse that starts from anger mismanagement. Failure to solve such issue leads to abuse in a relationship that evolves from verbal to physical violence. Uncontrollable anger may cause from a person’s dependence to alcohol or other addictive substances, which when abused may take a toll on one’s psychological and emotional stability. What’s very unlikely about this is that the abusive partner has a tendency to create a cycle that starts with apology and ends with violence. This kind of pattern should not be missed out. It’s a very clear reason in identifying violence at home which will be very helpful when you start talking to a divorce lawyer.