Traffic Travis Professional Version 4 Review – Is It Legitimate?

Are you wondering if Traffic Travis Professional Version 4 is a scam or if it really works? This brand new piece of software is now able to carry out many more functions that what the previous versions are able to do, as I have found out. For example, it can automatically find out for me how many keywords my competitors are bidding on, which ones they are and how I can use them for my own advantage.

What Exactly Does the Traffic Travis Professional Version 4 Software Do For Me?

Basically, the software does all the relevant market research for me even before I have entered the market, telling me who the big players marketing in those niches are and providing me with a better strategy to enter the niche. Without this knowledge, it might still be possible to successfully make money from the niche, but I would say that the chances of doing that would be very low and would require you to be extremely lucky in finding the best keywords and marketing strategies.

How Does Knowing So Much Information about Your Competitors Benefit You?

The unlimited keyword list feature of the program is what I have found very useful, giving me crucial information for me to know why my competitors are doing so well and how I can correctly position my marketing campaigns and sites to profit from the niche. I can even tell which keywords my competitors should not be targeting giving their low profitability, and this helps me to optimize my campaigns and sites to become better than my competition.

What Else is the Traffic Travis Professional Version 4 Software Tool Able to Do For You?

The main Keyword Finder feature generate a list of relevant keywords for your marketing campaigns and also displays information about their keyword variations and search volumes on Yahoo, Bing and Google. It is also able to analyze my websites and provide me with information about the potential weaknesses and suggestions on how they can be improved.

Using Traffic Travis Professional Version 4 to Intelligently Analyze Your Sites for Weaknesses

So far, this is the only piece of software that I have found is able to do this type of intelligent analysis of my websites, and the feedback that it generates have been very useful. It tells me exactly which pages are optimized for which keywords and what I should do if I want to see better results from targeting those specific keywords.