Top 7 Toys For Little Boys

Little boys love to play with a range of different types of toys. The following are toys which might be suitable for your little boy:

  1. Block Playsets – Little boys love to build things including vehicles and building. There are many different types of playsets available which allow and encourage your child to build objects. They usually come in the form of plastic blocks and are fantastic in helping to develop tactile and cognitive skills.
  2. Action Figures – Action play figures are available with all of the characters, vehicles and buildings from various TV shows, cartoons in particular. Choose from a wide range of different characters that are available.
  3. Skateboards – Traditionally suitable mostly for boys but with many girls liking the hobby too. This is a type of pass-time that might only be suitable for older boys and please remember that the correct protective gear is also required when skating. Little boys might be better suited to Roller Skates but remember, protective gear is still required and little boys must be supervised at all times whilst using Roller Skates.
  4. Play clay – Play clay is great and is suitable for both genders but little boys, especially those who are particularly creative, will really enjoy building things with play clay.
  5. Play Tents – Little boys love to play Cowboys and Indians so what’s better than to buy them a Play Tent? How about Cowboy’s Saloon styled Play Tent or perhaps an Indian’s Teepee Tent. I bet they would love that!

  1. Child Sized Snooker or Pool Cue – Little boys love sports so getting them started with games such as Snooker and Pool at an early age is a great way to encourage them to take up some kind of sport and be competitive. Playing Snooker and Pool will also help them to develop many skills such as co-ordination skills.
  2. Footballs and Kits – Many little boys enjoy Football especially those who live in the UK. Their dads usually enjoy the sport and so their kids usually pick up this fascination. You can encourage your little boy to support a team, buy him a Football Kit and buy him a Football to kick around. This will also help him to potentially get on the school Football team.