The Value of the Family Emphasized in Simple Adjectives

I have an anecdote for you. A girl comes running to her father and exclaims in tears that her classmates told her that she is ugly. Her father then lovingly replies, “You are always beautiful to me.” Your family is less likely to see faults in your-not only on physical attributes but in personalities as well. A parent will stand with their children no matter what.

That gesture alone, that quiet sense of solidarity is one of the most beautiful situations one can ever witness. To a parent, no matter what the fault or the ugly deed of the child be, the parent always chooses to believe that his or her beautiful child is still can change.


Have you heard of the saying that goes like this? “Home is wherever I’m with you.” This quote is usually used in songs and stories. Sometimes, it gets too ubiquitous that it has lost its impact. Even though it might have lost its impact to some people, its meaning is still the same. You don’t mind the place you are in as long as you are with this special person.

In the case of your family, you are already home every time you get together with all the members of your family. Our homes bring a certain peace and comfort no other place can give us. That is how our family is to us as well. They are home.


To quote Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers, this notion of unity is simply an all for one and one for all pledge. Family members may quarrel and squabble among one another, but when an outside force harms or tries to cause damage to only one family member, they will stand up together to fight the offensive intruder. If there is a need to hire a family lawyer to protect the family, the patriarch or the matriarch will do it.

You may have your differences. However, when things that matter demand that all of you should unite, a seemingly invisible force always draws you near and binds you together.


Going back to the previous anecdotes, family members will always side first with their family. That is loyalty for you.

When a father tells his daughter that she is beautiful and that her classmates are mistaken, that is loyalty. When the family goes in front of an accused family member and even threatens to make their family lawyer file a lawsuit, that is loyalty. When a mother chooses her children over her career, that is loyalty.

Every day, we see how fierce this loyalty is when practiced by the family for the family.


If you can’t show the real you in front of your family, where else can you be yourself? The family is the most basic, primal unit a person can have. If there are people who know the real you, it is your family members. What makes a family more beautiful is when everyone accepts everybody for who they are.