The Top Attractions In China That Are A Must Sight To See

The most populated country in the world, China is a place filled with cultural and historical importance. It is also the world’s second largest country in terms of area, beaten only by Russia in this regard. Even though during recent years China has gained a lot of publicity due to high levels of air pollution but there are still many places in the vast lands of China that you can visit without being affected by the seasonal smog. Here is our list of tourist attractions in China that are a must place to visit. Add these to your bucket list and start planning your trip right now!

1. The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China is possibly China’s most prized possession and is a place for thousands of people to visit all around the world. One specialty of this place is the fact that it is perhaps the only structure on our planet that can been seen from the moon without the aid of a telescope. This was built by the Ming Dynasty of China and it took them over 2 decades to see its completion. Other then this the Wall has a lot of myths and legends attached to it. And you’re someone who believes in long lost stories then you would definitely enjoy going here and interacting with the locals.

2. Forbidden City
The Forbidden city is the largest piece on ancient civilization that has made it to our times. This hauntingly beautiful part of China is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a place that is visited by millions of people all the year round. This city was home to China’s ruling families for more than 500 years. It has almost 1000 rooms which are filled with ancient artifacts and other such priceless items which are representatives of China’s extensive cultural history. The palace also has a built in museum that is said to one of the largest cultural museum in the world.–value-to-your-money—2022