The Best Ways to Make Money With MonaVie

The best way to make money in MonaVie is to build a big team of distributors that consumes their products on a daily basis. That’s how it’s done.

But, how do you do that? There is a couple of ways to do it. Among those ways, there is “A” best way to build a big team. And, the best way to build your team is to have a system that prospect, recruit and train new distributors for you. Your new distributors will also have access to leverage that same system that you’re leveraging, so that they can have their own success too.

To reach Black Diamond in MonaVie (one of the highest earning rank in the IDS), you need more than your friends and family to build your business. You will need about 500 to 1000 distributors in your MonaVie business to make over one million dollar yearly. So, how do you find those prospects for your business?

Surely NOT by chasing them, but attracting them. Wouldn’t it be better to attract 100 prospects for your business than to chase them? Wouldn’t be better to talk to 100 prospects who are already interested in your business? Of course.

So, why 97% of networkers fail in the direct selling business? Because 97% of netowrkers don’t know how to attract unlimited of potential prospects to them.

I would rather attract 100 people to my business than chasing them. At one point or another, if you want to reach the 7-figure year income in your MonaVie business, you need an attraction marketing system to help you leverage your time and effort to build your business.

Your marketing system is as important as your MonaVie business. People don’t join a business, people join people. Your system represents YOU. So the system is there to do the work for you.

Your focus and work should not be to build your MonaVie business, but it should be on building and promoting a system that builds your MonaVie business for you.

Another reason why 97% of networkers fail in business is they think they have to be the system that builds their business. But this is like having a job, trading time for money. If you don’t do a presentation, than no one else will do it for you. If you don’t attract customers, no one else will do. A lot of networkers are building their business just like they have a job.

Your system is there to sale your MonaVie opportunity to your prospects, not you. You will be included in that system, but may not possibly physically be there to promote your opportunity. And that’s the beauty of having access to the right system.

The only thing that will never be replaceable by a system is the Building Relationship with those prospects that are exposed to your system, because people are not robots or computers, just like you’re not. Remember, people don’t join computers and businesses, people do business with people they like and trust.