Taking A Closer Look at Adoption

There are several different types of adoption, and the one that you choose will have a big impact on the entire process. Either way, you can expect an adoption to take an extended period of time. After all, it is vital for the coordinator of the adoption to have the opportunity to ensure that you are a good match for the child in question.

Without strict guidelines in place, it is possible that children could end up in a worse situation than living in an orphanage. Fortunately, as long as you meet all of the necessary criteria and are willing to be patient, you should be able to successfully navigate through the many adoption steps so that you can add a new member to your family.

Three of the Main Adoption Types

1. Agency Adoption – This is the most common form of adoption, and it gives you the opportunity to select a child living within the U.S. from a long list of potential options. In fact, the foster care system typically has more than 100,000 children waiting for adoption, and there are also approximately 50,000 children living in U.S. orphanages. Making the decision to utilize an agency adoption can take two to three years, but you will also have the opportunity to potentially foster a child before you make the commitment to adopt them.


2. Kinship Adoption – It is typically easier for a family member to adopt a child, but this does not mean that you will not need to go through a lengthy process to make everything legal. Additionally, even if you are a child’s blood relative, you could still be denied if you do not fit all of the necessary criteria for adoption. In most cases, a kinship adoption happens when the child’s legal parents are deceased or determined by the state to be unfit to raise their child. Unfortunately, it is possible for a child to be put into the foster care system temporarily even if they have a family member willing to adopt them because the state needs to have enough time to determine what is truly best for the child.

3. International Adoption – There are several countries that enable citizens from other countries to adopt children. Choosing this form of adoption will allow you to select a child who is currently living in poverty, and it will also enable you to develop a diverse family. According to one well-known law firm, “First, you must adopt the child in their home country, then you must formalize the adoption here in the United States.” However, you need to have the financial stability to be able to travel to the other country multiple times in order to complete all of the necessary paperwork and other steps. Therefore, international adoption is not a good choice for an individual or couple that is unable to meet this requirement.

Which Type of Adoption Should I Choose?

Kinship adoption has several practical advantages when this is an option, and most people feel that it is essential for children to stay with blood relatives whenever possible. In many cases, kinship adoption is undertaken by people who would not have typically considered adopting a child. If you do not have this option and are actively seeking a child to adopt, you will need to make a decision between agency and international adoption. The choice that you make should be based on your ability to meet the requirements of each option and whether or not you are willing to adopt a child from a different country.