Student Alert – Don’t Forget To Claim Tuition, Education, And Textbook Amounts

If you’re an eligible scholar for the tuition, schooling, and textbook tax credits, this text is for you. Eligible college students ought to be careful submitting their tax returns. If you’re an eligible scholar in Canada, you instructional institute will difficulty you a tax slip referred to as Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate. Depending for your group and route of study, this tax slip may be referred to as T2202, T2202A, TL11A or TL11C. You want to enter this tax slip into your tax go back to get the tax credit. Going to a school or college ought to price you a fortune and so couldn’t inputting this tax slip’s facts into your go back. Simple tax errors can price you loads or hundreds of bucks each year.

Recently, certainly considered one among my family requested me to check her 2006 tax go back. It turned into filed via way of means of an impartial tax professional. To my surprise, I observed out that her schooling tax slip turned into now no longer entered into tax go back. I am now no longer certain whether or not it turned into simply not noted or the impartial tax professional did now no longer recognise what to do with this slip. If it is able to occur to her, it is able to occur to anyone.
Now, you’re going to ask – How to keep away from making those easy errors? Follow those easy recommendations below:

Ask your tax preparer to offer you a print from your tax go back.
Check to make certain on Line 323 you’ve got got an access declaring tuition, schooling, and textbook amounts.
If you get a Tax Return Summary page, make certain it indicates your unused tuition, schooling, and textbook amounts. Most tax software program applications print a tax precis page.