Start Monument Valley Tours From Las Vegas

Monument Valley is a protected area in Arizona, and is considered one of the most spectacular views on earth. It has been the backdrop for more than a few westerns that have been filmed, due to its ability to combine a picturesque backdrop and also reflect the desolation and wide open spaces of the American southwest. Each year, thousands of tourists plan to visit this area in order to take in the views of the “monuments” stretching thousands of feet from the desert floor to the sky, but many abandon those plans when they find out just how far the area is from the nearest developed area.

If you are flying from your home to a place that will serve as the starting place for your trip to Monument Valley, you will probably want to fly into Las Vegas, as the airport serves as one of the busiest in the country. Because of this fact, you will have far more choices of flights and better airfares than if you fly into a less popular airport. Many of the small towns that are in the surrounding area of Monument Valley may be closer, but will have little to offer as far as airlines that can land at a nearby airport, or hotels and restaurants. Monument Valley is 6.5 hours from Las Vegas through some of the most desolate areas in the country, so you are going to want to plan accordingly.–value-to-your-money—2022