Spank Your Bookie

To the all who wants to be independent in the next year!


When I get this book for review I said to myself “another book with advice how to become a millionaire over night”. Then I started to read it and read it all in one single day. Now I must admit that this book is really good and most important thing for me is that this book contains only useful advice and facts without any bullshit. It’s also very simple and easy to understand and contain a lot of useful examples.

Author (Bruce Goldmayer) explains all what you need to know about “How to make money with Sport Betting”, he has 2 years of experiences and he earns a lot of money in very short time. So with this book you will learn all techniques, tips and tricks and other useful tips which you will need it. So don’t discover it by your own because you will lose a lot of money by doing this. It’s better to invest 50$ right now and learn this techniques which is by the way very simple and easy to understand for everyone. With this book and by following author advice you will quickly get into top 0.1% of bettors who are making constant and ULTRA HIGH profit from online sport betting.

This book has 6 chapters and free bonus stuff. Author also explain you how to manage your huge pile of money because a lot of bettors who win a huge amount of money also spend it very quickly (Easy get – easy go).

So for the end of this review I really recommend this book especially if you are a sport fan or bettor and you spend more money than you will get back.

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