Small Chicken Coops – Building Tips

Do you want to have small chicken coops for your chickens? You have two options available, either build them yourself or buy available pre-cut chicken coops. These may be available in your local hardware store near you or better yet you can search for one in the Internet. Some people would prefer to buy online. Why? Because online they offer a wide array of different styles, colors, and designs. Now, if you buy in your local store, they probably have limited stocks available or may not have the specs that you need to house the whole flock. In the Internet, you can find many different sizes of coops. They offer small chicken coops built to house at least 3-4 chickens or bigger ones that can house several more chickens in your backyard.

Always consider the following items when building your own small chicken coops

· It can save money. Buying chicken coops may cost you more money compared to when you build it yourself. Basically, making one can cost you a fraction of your money compared to buying it. However, should you decide to do-it-yourself make sure that it is sturdy enough to house the whole flock. Keep in mind the convenience of your chickens, give them a wide door space to enter and more open space so that they can easily roam around the coop area. If you are handy, it will not take long to actually build one. But if you are not, then it will take a lot more time to build it because it may be more complicated than you expect.

· There are small chicken coop plans available online so it is better to first spend some time researching before embarking on building one yourself. Always consider the following factors: the quantity of your chickens; the elements around them such as the changes in weather; and predators such as dogs, raccoons among others.

· Think about the convenience of your chickens. If you have a small number of chickens, it is quite all right to build small chicken coops to house them. Most of the time a small coop can range from 4×4 meters size which can house at least 3-4 chickens. This coop size has an area of 16 square meters thereby giving at least 4 square meters free space for each chicken to roam around with.

· In building a chicken house, always beware of the predators that might try to kill your chickens. Make sure that your coop is sturdy enough so that the predator cannot tear it down while trying to catch the chickens inside.

· Make sure that your chicken house can also withstand the test of time. The ever changing weather may possibly take a toll on your coop. Make sure that your wood is pre-painted or treated against termites and to prevent rotting.