Schools of Naturopathy

These are exciting times as alternative medicine like naturopathy is growing in public demand. As you may be aware, students may not have to settle for a certificate in natural healing, when they can achieve their doctor of naturopathic medicine degree through a number of schools of naturopathy.

In addition to offering holistic workshops and seminars in Qi gong, Tai Chi, and other holistic continuing education courses, schools of naturopathy are renowned for their in-depth training in the healing arts. Among general studies included in naturopathic medicine programs are healing principles, naturopathic history, scope of practice, and more.

Before applying to any one of the schools of naturopathy, it is important to review course prerequisites. In most cases, you will need a predetermined amount of education from an accredited school or university prior to enrollment. Also, it is always a good idea to explore career opportunities in the field, and State regulations/requirements with respect to the practice.

Once you’ve carefully examined the field and you’re ready to take the academic challenge at one of the schools of naturopathy in your area, it’s time to review the school’s curriculum. Like most healthcare programs, education and training at schools of naturopathy take about four to five years to complete.

After you’ve met all prerequisite requirements, and have enrolled at one of the schools of naturopathy, you will be introduced to a rigorous curriculum. In the first and second years, you will learn about anatomy, bodywork techniques, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, classical Chinese medicine, Qi gong, and herbal medicine, among other studies.

Years three and four at schools of naturopathy are much more comprehensive, and commonly involve in-depth clinical training in internal medicine, microbiology, pharmacology, advanced plant medicine, integrative medicine therapies, homeopathy, counseling techniques, hydrotherapy, and more.

Upon successful completion of education and training at one of the many schools of naturopathy in the United States and Canada, practitioners can earn full licensure to practice in 20 jurisdictions including Alaska, Arizona, California, the District of Columbia, British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba, among other regions. Bare in mind, however, that the States of South Carolina and Tennessee prohibit the practice altogether.