Review of TRUMP: How to Get Rich by Donald Trump

In ‘How To Get Rich’ Donald Trump shares his experience from business life in a short, sharp and to the point style. The book is an easy read with about 250 pages in the pocketbook format.

Donald Trump gives us all his best knowledge and tips from real estate, which is his main business, but also gives us his knowledge from his other ventures like the Miss Universe contest, his golf clubs and casinos, and from the reality TV-show The Apprentice.

The most breathtaking chapter in How to Get Rich is the one we get to follow Trump with his 24/7 schedule for one week “at work”.

After reading this I understand how he is able to run the Trump organisation with 20 000 employees, take care of all his buildings, hotels, casinos, golf courses, and new construction sites, along side being the star of The apprentice and running the Miss Universe Contest, and incredibly enough have time to play golf.

Another part of the book describes the crisis he was in, in the early 90`s. He is telling a story where he is walking from his office to a meeting with his creditors which he owed 9.2 billion dollars.

He tells that he was passing a beggar on the street, and was thinking “This guy is worth 9.2 billion dollars more than me!”

Hearing this from Donald Trump was something I did not expect, usually you just hear of the tough New York business man. I could feel the humbleness that comes from an experience like that, and it makes him more human and approachable.

As you probably know, Donald Trump is the star of his own reality show “The Apprentice”

The Apprentice has become a mega hit which is going in to the third season and shows in many countries around the world.

We get to know how the show was created, and we get a close look behind the scenes of the first “Apprentice” round. This is very interesting, and if you are thinking of applying, this book will give you the inside tips from the Boss himself. The first round had 80 000 applications from where the 16 candidates was chosen.