Remote Control Helicopter Maintenance Tools

Remote control helicopters require constant maintenance. Investing in the right tools right from the get go will save you a lot of time and money. Trying to construct your own helicopter without the proper tools will most likely lead to a crashed aircraft and even if you purchase a ready to fly remote controlled helicopter, you will still need the proper tools for its maintenance. Don’t waste your money buying every available helicopter tool, start with the bare essentials and over time, you will know exactly what tools you need for each job.

The simple helicopter pitch gauge is utilized to align the pitch angle and the type of range of pitch that your main rotor blades will have. This is one of the most important tools and is used even for ready to fly models as you need to confirm whether the pitch angle and pitch range are correct.

Do not rely on the cheap, poor quality tools that come with most remote control helicopters. It is better to invest in your own assortment of metric Allen Drivers. The best way to do this is to start with a nice basic set then buy hex and nut drivers individually.

To prevent damage due to vibrations, get a Dubro Balancer which can be used for engine cooling fan balancing and airplane propeller balancing. Make sure you also buy a good soldering iron and station with adjustable heat settings, replaceable tips, cleaning pad and holder.

Your kit should also include wire charger leads for your charger and a flybar lock for some helicopters, small flat blade and Phillips screw driver, spark plug socket, hobby knife and blades and quality wire strippers. To set up a 120 degree CCPM swashplate in the right manner and to level it as well, you will need proper swashplate leveling tools. To save money you can also build your own swash leveling tool. It won’t be as easy to use as a readymade one, but it will be adequate for most users.

For the electric powered remote control helicopters, make sure you buy a good quality computerized battery charger. This can also be used to power the on-board electrics on your fuel powered models.

Lastly, be sure to purchase different types of bearing greases and the general lubricating oils, epoxy glue, instant CA glue, blue medium strength locktite, a good quality metric ruler, an electric drill and drill bits, heat shrinking tubing and nylon tie straps.

Remote control helicopters are the most rewarding of all RC hobbies and part of the fun is all the work that goes into it. Without the right tools, it will be impossible to finish a project and lots of first time buyers end up abandoning the project altogether after getting frustrated at the length of time it takes. Make sure you research on remote control helicopter repair tips before attempting any work yourself.