Razor Pogo Stick: Hours of Bouncing Fun

The new Razor pogo stick is an excellent reinvention of the classic toy. It is known to have certain advantages over its predecessor; however, there are also disadvantages that should be considered. Think of the two as fundamentally similar, but also think of them to be marginally different in certain aspects. In this article, we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of the Razor Pogo Stick.

Notable Advantages

– It is designed to incorporate applicable modern technology; whereas, ordinary bouncing sticks do not.

– The most prominent advantage of this bouncing Stick is that it is safe to use especially when compared to other similar products.

– It does not require a minimum weight in order to be able to perform properly; it is also capable of carrying up to 140 pounds.


– Due to its aircraft-grade aluminum tube and deck component, it is more durable; and due to its additional patented bow-assist spring, it is capable of bouncing higher and smoother.

– This product does not require any assembly, which means that your children can readily play with it once obtained.

– It is equipped with soft foam grips to avoid any injuries that the user may incur, and will also allow the user to grip tightly and comfortably.

Minor Disadvantages

– Because of all the additional components it has, it is a bit heavier; and if a person has got a bit of experience when using ordinary pogo sticks, he or she will have to adjust to the different feel of a Razor bogo stick.

– Due to the technology it is equipped with, maneuvering it will require some getting used to.

– Its design comes with a bendable bar that may get in the way of the user and cause bruises; however, after a few tries this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

The Verdict
To summarize, the Razor Pogo Stick is an innovation on the classic toy. Whilst the original was one of the best, it has been improved to keep up to date with the constantly changing tastes of kids the world over. Keep in mind though that if it is the classic feel of a bouncing stick that a person wants, then this is probably not the best product to choose; but if it is a new experience of fun that a person wants, the Razor Pogo Stick will exceed one’s expectations. In other words, to purchase it will be well-spent money that can provide hours of fun.