PTN Review – The Real Deal or Just Playing Games?

As long as people have been active on the Internet, there have been companies offering gambling services. But only recently, have there been companies offering creative ideas to attract enthusiastic gamers and keep them in the money. Let me show you one of the newest and arguably the most stable companies known to bring this new game to the table.

Welcome to the Poker Training Network!

The Company

Committed to becoming the “global leader in Poker Education and Training”, PTN is based in Addison Texas. One reason to take a closer look at this company is none other than the Co-Founder and CEO of the company Dennis Nadeau.

Nadeau, having a highly successful background in corporate America since 1986, has been leading his team to develop a high quality line of unique poker training material; complete with coaching software, social media integration, and powerful playing environments – all tied into a “revolutionary Network Marketing Business platform.”

The Product

As with most network marketing opportunities, there are numerous levels to enter into this new company. In fact, there are 4 levels in which to participate to improve your poker skills while building your business.

The Compensation

As to be expected, there is list of ways to earn money learning how to play poker within PTN. The distributor build out structure found within PTN is what we call a Binary. In a binary we create two teams. We place our personally sponsored distributors and customers in the plan where on a regular basis, their purchases are credited to our accounts as the referring distributor.

Here is a list of the details.

– Retail Commission – Earn on others purchase a product via your account

– Team Commissions – Earn 10% of the matching product volume, purchased on both sides of your business

– Matching Bonus – Earn down to 10 levels or generations of those who sponsor others into your / their PTN business

Other Bonuses: Rank Advancement, Luxury Car Bonus, Additional Business Centers, Corporate Leads, Global Leadership Pools

The Strategy

Inside the home based business industry, it is the representative’s responsibility to market for customers and new distributors. Thus the term “Network Marketing.” The industry standard is to create a list of your closest 200 or so friends and family to invite to a home party or to begin personally marketing them product. And, not unexpectedly, this company starts new distributors in the same traditional marketing path.

It appears there is an impressive company back office offered, and while there is Email & Video Marketing Capabilities, there really is little plan for teaching you how to market any further than your warm list.

Frankly, what every PTN distributor needs to consider SERIOUSLY is a new game; the art of marketing this opportunity and the products on-line. I will be the first to tell you that there may be some additional skills to learn, but fortunately, I’ve create my 5 Step Internet Blueprint to even up the ante.

By learning how to generate more leads and more income within your business digitally, with your digital product, you can easily teach this to your team and achieve the highest levels within this company.