Plans For A Chicken Coop – What You Should Know

To have effective plans for a chicken coop you must have all the necessary foolproof designs, materials, and work plan for it to succeed. Building your own chicken house from scratch can be very time consuming and would require effort on your part. If you are a handyman, then this project will be such a breeze, all you need to do is have all your materials ready and go on. However, if you are not as handy but still decided to build one, then having great plans for a chicken coop on your side will help you a lot in this project. Just make sure that your plan serves the needs of your flock.

Things to consider in building a chicken house

· Availability of free space for the chicken. Each chicken is required to have at least 4 square feet free space. For instance, if you have a 4×4 size of chicken coop, it can only house 3-4 chickens at a time because it only has 16 square feet of space thus 4 square feet free space for every chicken. This is important because chickens need to run or roam around. This is exactly what they do. So, providing them with enough room to exercise will definite improve their laying capacity as well as keep them healthy.

· All well-designed plans for a chicken coop must be adaptable to the ever changing climate. If you live in a quite warm location, it is enough to have good ventilation for your coop in order that the chickens can breathe fresh air as well as to keep them cool. Chickens cannot stand too much heat therefore provide them with a place where they can have enough air circulation. It is also advisable to have a water station near their coop especially during summer. Otherwise they may die due to heatstroke. If you are living in a cold place, it is important to insulate the chicken coop to keep the cold out especially during the nights. Some would set up electric lights inside the coop in order to provide additional heating sources for them. Stacking hay inside can also add up for the needed heat source as well.

· Elevate your coop. Good plans for a chicken coop include elevating it from the soil. Elevating your coop can prevent it from flooding during rainy season. Some chicken coops that are built on the ground can sometimes end up muddy or torn apart after a storm, thus keeping out most of your chickens. It also takes time cleaning it after any storm, therefore elevating it is a good plan. It is also much cooler during the summer and provides shade for the chicken as well all day long.