Outdoor Gear Review: Walkman in a Bottle of Water

The vast majority of the hardware we use consistently aren’t intended to be tossed in a pool and get by. Isn’t that so? As a matter of fact, we expect the majority of our hardware to be obliterated in the event that they land in something as little as a puddle.

In any case, look at this open air gear survey of Sony waterproof 4 GB MP3 Walkman which is set in a container of water to exhibit its advantage and an extraordinary pool thought.


Sony consolidated a bunch of headphones and a 4 GB MP3 player into a couple of plastic cases associated by an elastic wire which folds over the rear of the neck. Sony gives three distinct sizes of tiny headphones to guarantee a safe fit.

This Walkman is the ideal accomplice for your exercise anyplace and whenever.

The greater part of us stress over oppressing our cell phone, MP3 player, or a costly arrangement of earphones to the perspiration and relaxed misuse that can obliterate most outside devices throughout an exercise or run. Envision yourself mid-run when it starts to rain, or running along the road and a vehicle sprinkles a puddle all around your body. With Sony’s new waterproof MP3 Walkman you presently don’t need to stress over such relaxed debacles.


Whether you’re lapping the pool, or trekking the paths, the W Series Sports Walkman conveys your beats moving with sound waves that have never sounded better. Sony’s swimming headphones are exceptionally intended to keep water out and convey rich, precise sound, many laps. The mini headphones are intended to work 2 meters submerged, giving superb sound, while suffocating away sounds which might influence your focus.

The tiny headphones are a lightweight, hands free, and no wire plan, which folds over your head without any wires to hang or tangle, giving you the opportunity to move toward any path.

Invest less energy coordinating music and additional time perspiring to it. Just interface with a PC, then, at that point, simplified your main tunes.


What’s excellent is that a three-minute accuse will give clients of an hour of purpose. For anybody like me who neglects to routinely charge their equipment, this is a stellar element.

Complex music may not sound at its ideal, but rather recall, this is an across the board waterproof MP3 player and headphones for under $100.