Out Of Office: How To Manage Life And Work While Travelling

With the passage of time, I had the luxury to travel around the world while never risking my work, but at the same time, I have learnt it’s crucial to keep it balanced. Managing work and life at home is difficult, but maintaining traveling and work is something of fine art. Fortunately, with the help of today’s technology, it’s easy to stay connected to your inbox and clients. With just a smartphone and 4G connection, you have your office at the tips of your fingers anywhere in the world. So here are some tips for you to enjoy your next travel while balancing your work and life.

Take Advantage Of Free WiFi

While I was traveling in Costa Rica I became an expert in seeking out free Wifi as being a blogger I need to regularly update snap chat, social media and blogs, etc. 3G is hard to find so finding hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants that offered free Wifi became second nature. So have your Instagram posts already saved in the drafts and your email prewritten, so as soon as you get access to the internet, you can just click and send it.


This one is vital if you are a blogger or you work in social media. Scheduling apps like Buffer, Hopper and Hootsuite are essential for you to keep your consistency across the social media channels while traveling. You don’t want to worry about keeping your Twitter updated while sunbathing or trekking.

Use Apps To Stay Connected

While it’s an amazing feeling to escape the routine’s of your life, it is also important to stay updated with the people who you care and love. Download apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype and Whatsapp for staying connected with co-workers, friends and family – while also saving money – just as long as you are using free WiFi