Nu Skin Enterprises – Overview of Compensation Plan

Nu Skin Enterprises operates as a direct selling corporation. This company boasts of markets all through-out Europe, Asia, South America and North America. There are three separate categories; each under its own umbrella of importance.

1. The first category would be the Nu Skin quality skin care/ and personal care products.

2. Second, you will find the Pharmanex category, which is based on developing scientifically safe, nutritional products.

3. Third, you will find the Big Planet category. This category is unique in its distribution of digital photography, ebusiness tools, Internet, and technology products.

The company markets its products on a “distributorship philosophy”. You may become and remain an “Active Distributor” by purchasing products, services and or promotional materials through your direct “up line” with-in a 3-month period.


There are two specific channels in which an Independent distributor is considered for compensation.

1. Bonuses; ( referred to as commissions). This system is designed to pay a person for their individual merchandise sales effort and/ or the product sales efforts of the people in there downline.

2. They can also earn commissions based on the retail markups of the products they personally purchase from the company. It is also common knowledge the company supports a 30% mark up of the products in the personal care arena; however, it is left up to the individual distributor to set the price at their own discretion.

According to the company’s public statement the cost of becoming a distributor is very minimal; yet they do not quote the cost of the exact investment in their document. According to Nu Skins public statement the opportunity for selling the products and earning a substantial profit vary depending on the individual effort being made. Nu Skin also states this is not “a get rich quick scheme “. Nu Skin enterprise asserts that the compensation for a profitable income will only be realized by considerable effort, time, and commitment on the part of the individual distributorship. Below you will find the different levels of qualifying distributorships. The amounts of commissions earned are based on the level in which Nu Skin enterprises has designated for earning potential.