Myths About Athletic Scholarships

Colleges seek out the cream of the crop when it comes to athletes to play for their college, no matter where it is. Myths about athletic scholarships will scare many good players away because they tend to believe them. Usually over fifty percent of the myths are false as most myths are. Let us take a quick look at some of them.

One of the myths about athletic scholarships floating around and as been for a long time is if you are good enough to play in the college of your choice, you will get a full scholarship. But sadly many athletes do not get the scholarship they want because there is always someone better right in front of them applying for the same one. Playing well in high school might get a good athlete a scholarship long before he attends college.

Another one of those myths about athletic scholarships going around is the high school student’s coach will get them a scholarship whether it is football, basketball etc. High school coaches do not get that involved in getting a scholarship for their star player. The high school student must realize they do not help them get that coveted scholarship and must do it on their own.

Some say that if a coach makes any kind of acknowledgement towards how good a student is the coach will get them that scholarship. Some students once they start receiving emails and letters from colleges, their coach had something to do with it, one must remember that if they do recommend a certain athlete, they also recommend twenty more just as good.

Many athletes believe that if they are real good out on the court they will get a good scholarship. There might be some truth to that but one must remember it is not a given. There are scouts at every game that will watch an athlete play and find out all about them.

Of course an athlete must get good grades, has done a lot of community work within their neighborhood and be a good person will get them scholarships, maybe. So the myths about athletic scholarships are out there, many of them are, but remember they are only myths.

There may come a time in your athletic life though where you have to choose between athletics and education and this is a choice only you can make as an individual and it will be entirely dependent on your confidence in your own ability in your chosen sport.