My Experience With Curtin Department of Education

My call is Albino D’souza and I changed into a scholar of Edith Cowan University

I secured admission at ECU for the above path after my termination withinside the equal path from Curtin University of Technology in January 2006.This article is to convey to readers interest a few very severe issues approximately my coaching practicum Unit ED 543 and in particular the behavior of my supervisors from Curtin specifically Mr Robert Dixon and his spouse Mrs Kathryn Dixon running on the Education branch at Curtin. They have confirmed gross misconduct, loss of professionalism and issue for me as a complete rate paying International scholar analyzing at Curtin for obtaining a coaching qualification.

In order to gather a coaching qualification from Curtin it’s far important to finish a hundred seventy five credit of idea devices and 25 credit in coaching practicum on your predominant and minor studying area. I had completed all my idea devices with widespread fulfillment however have had a difficult time entire my practicum devices in spite of having ten years of a hit coaching enjoy in my domestic country.

In November 2004 I did my first discipline enjoy practicum at Wanneroo Senior High School as part of my Grad Dip in Secondary Education. At that point my manager changed into Mr Robert Dixon. During my prac I did make a few severe errors in my work. I should kingdom that aleven though my predominant changed into in SOSE (Society and Environment) my manager Mr Robert Dixon got here to assess of my Music instructions in that college. Towards the quit of the prac i.e. at the remaining day he did come to look one in all my SOSE instructions and failed me on grounds of incompetence and my loss of exercise in my predominant studying area.

The first flaw changed into I experience withinside the manager Mr Robert Dixon himself coming to assess my Music instructions understanding absolutely properly that I ought to accomplish a prime in SOSE. I did ask him previous to the prac whether or not he could need to look me coaching Music and he agreed to the preposition. After staring at the primary Music lesson he expressed a choice to look any other Music lesson after incorporating a few hints he kindly consented to offer. He must have placed his foot down withinside the first region and must have stated that he changed into now no longer interested by looking me educate Music whilst he knew thoroughly I had a prime in SOSE (Society and Environment) and Music changed into now no longer even my minor. This lapse at the manager’s component must be noted. When I had a debriefing consultation after the primary prac with my manager in his workplace Mr Robert Dixon instructed me very paradoxically that it changed into very unusual for International college students from Asian international locations to Australia and aspire for coaching positions. It changed into some thing now no longer encouraged. He additionally paradoxically stated that I ought to whinge approximately him if I changed into disenchanted together along with his behavior.At that point but because even the college changed into now no longer too satisfied with my overall performance in SOSE I did now no longer see any possibilities of an attraction being a hit. Hence I made no attraction at that point hoping that I ought to do higher in future.

I needed to repeat the prac and pay the total expenses for the equal $975. My subsequent practicum changed into at Kent Street senior High School. The manager ship through Curtin this time changed into none aside from Mrs Kathryn Dixon the spouse of Mr Robert Dixon my first manager.

The reviews organized through the School and the Supervisor this time in which apparently dichotomous. The college adjudicated me as capable and recommended that I could be an asset to the coaching fraternity even as the Supervisor concept different wise. This time but I now no longer handiest excelled in coaching in my predominant and minor coaching regions specifically SOSE and English however additionally did exceedingly properly in Music (which I had been coaching for the remaining ten years and English literature). However the manager Mrs Dixon (legally married accomplice of the sooner manager Robert Dixon) changed into despite the fact that now no longer inspired with my overall performance in spite of receiving numerous emails from college body of workers contributors approximately my overall performance.

I determined this time I changed into now no longer going to take matters mendacity down and could ought to act to look that justice changed into completed. I did attraction my results, went to complaint officials and the scholar guild at Curtin and wrote countless letters attempting desperately to show the commented bias of Mrs Dixon. However the branch refused to recall my alligations of collusion among the 2 supervisors and stated it changed into wrong and unwarranted which I suppose is especially unusual .

There are numerous components over seemed through the Education branch at Curtin in now no longer upholding my attraction. I shall complex on every of them.

The first factor of issue is the breach of confidentiality through Mrs Dixon who knowledgeable Kent road schoolteachers that I changed into project a repeat prac, that is some thing very unethical, and alternatively disturbing. The Education branch and the Dean Mr Graham Dellar have now no longer made any try to find the fact on this recognize in spite of my infinite pleas.
It is for the reason that Ms Dixon got here to examine my SOSE lesson at the fifteenth of September 2005.After that, she had a dialogue with the college body of workers. Later that very morning my Co working Teacher Mr. Garry Shepherd got here as much as me and requested me a query which scared the residing day lighting out of me. He inquired “Albino what number of pracs have you ever completed before?”

I did not recognise the way to solution that query. When I changed into first assigned Kent road college My path Co-ordinater Mr. Richard Courtney cautioned me that on no grounds changed into I to inform Kent road college that I changed into repeating my first practicum .He stated that any type of unfavorable previous expertise negatively situations the college and makes them biased in the direction of the scholar specifically if the college is aware of that the scholar has failed an in advance practicum. He additionally reiterated that nobody withinside the branch had instructed the college approximately my eventful beyond and that I changed into to adopt this practicum as though I changed into project it for the first actual time. In accordance to commands I instructed the college that I had completed all idea additives and had handiest practicum to finish and changed into project similar to I had overlooked practicum because of private reasons.

All stated and completed I changed into clearly taken aback whilst my co-working instructor requested me that query. It changed into then that I amassed that the manager Mrs. Dixon had disclosed the reality that I changed into project a repeat practicum to the Staff at Kent Street. The timing changed into simply right. The manager had made her go to to the college that morning. The body of workers at Kent Street is sincerely now no longer psychic to accumulate that I changed into now no longer project a repeat practicum, nor could they simply get a dream approximately it. The Dean of schooling nevertheless insists that Mrs. Dixon did now no longer inform Kent Street School that I changed into project a repeat practicum. How then did they arrive to recognise? I strongly experience but that Mrs. Dixon who got here together along with her personal self pleasurable prophesy attempted to steer the college that I changed into only a failure and I must live that way. Her remarks in her record trace the equal in very diffused overtures.