Money Consciousness

We already learnt about becoming wealth conscious, so you remember that it is those things that you focus on that are going to come into your reality. While growing up in this philosophy,sometimes I couldn’t find anything to uplift me and keep my vibrations up. At times,all around me optimism was lacking.

I may do my affirmations and begin feeling joyful, but when I turn on the TV to watch the news, there is violence and crime everywhere. Watching TV would bring my vibration down so then I would log on to the Internet to find some solace. However, when I log on to Facebook I see the same violence, crime, hopelessness, racism and depression. As a result my vibration gets pushed down even lower to where it was before I did my affirmations.

I noticed that it was hard for me to keep my vibrations up, I needed new material that would always be harmonious, uplifting, joyful, hopeful and inspiring. Unfortunately, this type of material was hard to find for a long time, so my results came slower.

Do not overlook the importance of having your mind rest on money in order to gain money. Anytime I was able to keep my mind focused upon money for any reason I got it. I remember there was a time that I needed to install kitchen cabinets for my tenants and I didn’t want to pay for them out of my regular pay check. I felt that thought strongly many times over the course of 2 weeks and what happened was that all the money came right to me. The government had forgotten to return to me a tax credit from many years ago and now they sent it just in time.