Learners License Test – Where Your Driving Journey Begins

Teen driver education courses or drivers ed as they are more commonly known, are available at many high schools and various independent agencies throughout the United States and Canada with a majority of states requiring completion before you can apply for your learners license test. You can always take a drivers education course online, allowing you to learn everything that you need about drivers education on your own time and at your leisure, whereas taking a course in a classroom forces you to waste your time and at your inconvenience.

After you complete the online course for drivers education, then you can apply for your learners license test. However, you must obtain this license from your state Department of Motor Vehicles. This requires you to pass a vision test and a test of basic driving knowledge. It’s possible, that by taking a Ministry-approved beginner driver ed course in Canada, that you will receive benefits such as a reduction in insurance premiums or a reduction in the minimum GI licensing period.

The reason that most drivers are unable to pass their first written DMV exam is what you might expect: not studying for the test.


Your state motor vehicle agencies like the DMV or MTO produce driver handbooks that contain all the applicable road rules and signs and usually provide a driving practice test or driver written test for you to practice. There are also educational websites that provide sample written driving test packages for a fee that are specific to your state and various other online training systems that will significantly help you to pass the DMV exam first time.


Once you have passed the exams, you will receive either a permit or license that will allow to finish the practical driving practice and then after you’ve completed that, you’ll be under the laws and stipulations enacted by your state and local governments. Having passed the learners license test and received your permit or license, you can now learn to drive while accompanied by a fully licensed driver subject to the restrictions and conditions stated and they vary greatly from state to state so you will need to clarify exactly what they are, and adhere to them.

During this time you should prevail upon your parents, guardians and friends to accompany you while learning to drive in as many different driving conditions as possible, for example, night time, bright & sunny, raining, windy, dense traffic, highway and so on, as this will help teach you how your vehicle reacts in differing weather and traffic conditions.

All the parents should be aware about their driving behavior because it makes the greatest influence over your teens attitude toward driving. By being a good example it is crucial to teaching your young driver to be a safe, careful driver and will make an easy way to pass learners license test. You see, they have been scrutinizing and analyzing your every driving habit good or bad for their entire life, therefore discussing what things are necessary to pass the learners license test and the skills required to be a safe driver, should start well before your teen is about to drive and place a high level of importance on it.