Keeping Your Home Safe for Kittens

When you have finally decided to take care of a kitten you must select the ones that you can bring home. Be sure to have enough stock for your kittens and have the room prepared for its shelter.

However, for your kitten’s homecoming, here are few more steps that you could do to help keep your kitten safe inside your home. These steps cover those things inside your home that could pose a threat to kittens.

Kittens are naturally curious. That’s one of the reasons for their relentless pouncing from one place to another regardless of the height. They can even squeeze themselves into places that are small and hard to reach. Keeping pets safe can be time consuming, but it’s well worth the effort.

Here are a couple of things you need to look out for when bringing home a pet kitten.

What to Get Rid Of

Detergents, medicines, chemicals, and toxic materials are some of which that you should get rid of or keep away from the kitten’s reach. You can move them to a cabinet with a handle that’s difficult for kittens to grasp. Some kittens are surprisingly clever that they are able to turn a door handle and pry it open.

Other things that you should consider

Other stuff that you need to watch out for are stuff that could easily fall into your pet such as free standing furniture, curtain, table lamps and most especially power cords. They naturally love to fret on things which usually happens when they are teething. This is one of those phases when you need to be extra careful. You should always tuck away electrical items such as power cords. You can use tools to tie them together or to tie them to shorten their length when not in use.

Paper or plastic bags can also be perilous as they can stifle or choke them when not properly kept. Kittens can also climb on a number of furniture so you can make use of table cloths for that matter. Now, if you have a flower vase at home, you have to keep it away if possible.

Things to Remember

Remember that kittens are to be kept inside your house until such time that they get older and would be able to handle themselves well. Therefore, closing the doors is a great idea to prevent them from freely wandering around. In cases where they can go out and escape, you have to prevent them from being able to jump out.