Jasmine – The Story of Transformation of an Indian Woman

In Jasmine, Bharati Mukherjee recounts the narrative of a young woman named Jyoti, brought into the world in the town of Hasnapur. She is an unfortunate young lady yet is exceptionally savvy and is a dissident and disobedient in soul. However, she needs to acknowledge the directs of guys in her family, the majority of the times. At the point when a soothsayer predicts her fortune proclaiming her “widowhood and exile”, she denies him and says, “I don’t have confidence in you”. Then she weds Prakash Vijh, a cutting edge youthful Indian, who wishes to move to the USA. She totally recognizes herself with him. Then, at that point, he gives her the name ‘Jasmine’ so as to modernize her. This can be known as the most important phase during the time spent change she needs to go through all through the book.


Along these lines, the original Jasmine can be called essentially an account of change, reevaluations, and rebirths particularly of Jasmine, the courageous woman of the book. Along these lines, as indicated by Roopa M. Belur, in this novel, Mukherjee “portrays this change and progress as a positive and a hopeful excursion”. According to another pundit, “she (Jasmine) is taking off for life not getting away from life which is again a positive step”.


Cycle of Change of Jasmine:
Jyoti is a sort of revolutionary and non-traditionalist from her life as a youngster itself. A few occurrences and choices of her life demonstrate this reality. Occurrences like her gallant refusal of her anticipated widowhood and exile by the diviner, her choice to wed Prakash Vijh against the desires of her folks, her choice to learn English, and her choice to go to America after the homicide of her better half demonstrate the seeds of progress currently present in her. This large number of episodes show that she won’t ever stay detached towards anything life offers to her. Additionally, one might say that she will either change herself or the conditions.


Jyoti after her marriage, encounters a representative change in India itself. She begins transporting between characters soon after she moves from provincial Hasnapur to metropolitan Jullunder. Here her better half changes her name to Jasmine, and furthermore give with it an existence of ‘another sort of a city lady’. In any case, her genuine transformation from a devoted Hindu lady to a hardheaded lady begins solely after she shows up to the USA. The occurrence of her assault by the awful commander of the boat in Florida is the most terrible thing that she encounters after her appearance in the USA. In any case, after the assault, she chooses to get her payback and furthermore allows herself to transform into the Goddess Kali to kill that animal. Hence, she faces that occurrence with extraordinary boldness. Then, at that point, she consumes her significant other’s suit there. This episode shows that she consumes her significant other’s suit, however consumes her previous self and history moreover. From that point onward, her rehash of her personality and her introduction into the American way of life starts as “Energetic in a shirt, tight strings, and running shoes”. Lillian Gordon, a benevolent American woman helps Jyoti in changing her look as per the American lifestyle. She then, at that point, goes to New York and lives with the group of Devinder Vadhera, the teacher of her significant other. However, here she finds life awkward, so following a couple of days, she leaves that family moreover.

Her Americanization is finished after she turned into the essential piece of the group of Taylor and Wylie Hayes. Here she lives joyfully with Taylor, Wylie and their embraced girl, Duff. Then, at that point, she goes gaga for Taylor, lives cheerfully with him and his girl when Taylor’s better half leaves him. Be that as it may, this joy doesn’t keep going for quite a while. There again comes a change in her life, when she sees her better half’s killer in New York.

Jasmine then, at that point, leaves for Iowa as a result of dread, and there lives with Bud Ripplemayer. There she takes on another way of life as Jane Ripplemayer, while living with Bud Ripplemayer. Notwithstanding, she was unable to live with Bud for quite a while, as she feels separated there. After around four years of her living with Bud, she leaves for California, when Taylor comes to take her with him. Consequently, she leaves Bud, notwithstanding being pregnant with his youngster. She leaves him without thinking whether it is ethically correct or wrong. Along these lines, we can express that all through the novel, Jasmine transports between ‘characters’. Jyoti, who generally wanted to carry on with life in her own particular manner yet proved unable, presently transforms into Jase. During this phase of her life, she lives entirely and completely Assimilated life. Additionally, even toward the finish of the novel, the course of her manifestation is by all accounts inadequate. It doesn’t appear to be finished even subsequent to having gone through a progression of change. After gone through the novel, one might say that in her excursion of change, and her longing to find a character, she comes out unequivocally a champ by taking groundbreaking thoughts, wants, abilities, and propensities.

As per Katherine Mill operator, “want to change rises above every one of the limits forced by her race, class, and orientation”. Along these lines, Jasmine has as she says, “a spouse for every one of the ladies I have been. Prakash for Jasmine, Taylor for Jase, Bud for Jane, and half-face for Kali”. In this manner, she goes through certain resurrections to turn out to be all-American. Her characteristics like versatility and availability to reexamine herself assist her with squeezing into American culture.