Interview: Carl Dixon – Coney Hatch

When maximum humans think about rock artists to pop out of Canada, the apparent ones come to mind, Bryan Adams, Triumph, April Wine and extra currently Nickleback. But returned withinside the early Nineteen Eighties there has been Coney Hatch, those boys might have been something, they launched 3 excellent albums among 1982 – 1985, however lamentably did now no longer get the assist from their report employer that they have to have, they have been dumped and diminished into the pages of rock history. Their lead singer Carl Dixon could move directly to pursue solo efforts and a stint with The Guess Who, however in 2008 determined media insurance for all the incorrect reasons. Dixon could be worried in a terrible vehicle twist of fate and there have been doubts he could live to tell the tale, not to mention carry out again. But Dixon did live to tell the tale and some years later could re-be a part of his Coney Hatch band associates on stage, from there the band has been busy running on a cutting-edge report titled Four. I had the satisfaction of talking to Carl Dixon approximately his career, the twist of fate, the track enterprise and the brand new album Four.

Rock Man: Can you inform me approximately your musical upbringing, whilst did you find out a ardour for track and who have been your early influences?

Carl Dixon: Well, I become 3 years vintage after I began out gambling via way of means of ear at the piano and my mother and father determined they higher get me in for classes, so I commenced that after I become four, all of the conservatory schooling and all that, and fixed with that till I become 9 or ten years vintage. That become the 60s and of direction The Beatles, The Stones, Credence Clearwater Revival and all of the 60s acts and the Top forty AM radio become getting an increasing number of rock n’ roll as time went via way of means of, the height that I become sincerely became on via way of means of track become round 1969/1970, that era, whilst sincerely the primary wave of large rock bands got here down the pike. So I began out to emulate and desired to be like the ones men and I sincerely felt the attraction and the, I assume the liberty withinside the sound and the energy of it and the catchiness of it, I like an excellent melody [laughs], so that’s what began out me sincerely getting worried. And I were given worried with guitar after I become ten, I did now no longer need to play the piano anymore, I did now no longer suppose piano rocked [laughs] there were not a variety of piano function fashions at that time, so I switched to guitar, hated it, switched to drums, sincerely preferred that, I nonetheless play drums, after which I got here returned to guitar due to the fact I become requested to sign up for a band to be the singer however they wanted me to play guitar. So I brushed up on my 3 chords that I did remember, stored training after that and fixed with it some of these years since.

RM: You have been as soon as dubbed the loudest band in Toronto, now that the band is returned together, have you ever proudly reclaimed that title?

CD: Um… no. You understand what, there’s no manner you may be the loudest of something anymore, the era has modified and we do now no longer need to be crushingly loud. We are nonetheless a quite punishingly loud rock band however we do now no longer move after being the loudest for its very own sake, some thing it takes to make the track sound effective and large, this is wherein we set the amps.

RM: Congratulations on the discharge of the brand new Coney Hatch album Four, I am assuming it’s far a secure wager you by no means concept you’ll be role to mention there’s a brand new Coney Hatch report out, you ought to be so very pleased with this effort?

CD: You are right. All folks have been sitting at the recollections of a long term ago, a number of the first-class matters and a number of the tough matters and the classes we learned, it become a maximum incredible final results for us to be creating a report some of these years later, however we’re very glad with the way it became out and really pleased with it.

RM: The first unmarried is Blown Away, what has been the response to that tune via way of means of participants of the clicking and your unswerving fan base?

CD: People are loving it. Both withinside the press and radio humans we’ve got spoken to and the fan base which have visible, they heard the pattern first at the pre-launch video from Frontiers Records after which we’ve got simply additionally placed a complete manufacturing video on YouTube, 8 or ten days ago, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly superb and it’s far developing into the various hundreds via way of means of now after every week or so.

RM: I even have visible the track video for Blown Away, the primary factor that become very sizeable to me is that everybody withinside the band seems actually glad to be there and gambling again, and I suppose that mindset shines thru at the album as well, become that the case?