I Love My Mum

There are 75 Million Moms in the United States of America alone. And most are single parents with 70-80% of teen pregnancies unintended. Yes unintended! Despite what most people may think female teens, tweens or adults do not go to a bar, nightclub, apartment or house with the intention of having a Baby. Even if they wanted to conceiving or birthing a child is a Universal Miracle. Indeed, there are some who secretly or openly plan for a specific person or guy to Father their child and some will do anything to make sure they get pregnant. But, not all pregnancies or the result of being a Mother comes by choice. Far from it.

Concerning dating and pregnant mothers the world is rapidly changing and what baby-boomer’s were once use to the population of the present and future is not only technological but as colorful as a rainbow. The Mother stats by age and race of a Mother living in the USA shows an extremely diverse population in the now and future. And as America has now sworn in the first Black American President diversity is firmly rooted in all present and future generations of the United States of America.


Do You Support Your Mother?

Oprah is a legend for supporting mothers around the world. The late Mother Teresa was also a great activist and supporter of children teens and mothers of all cultures and races. The late Princess Diana was also another great Mother of the world activist. I believe love for a Mother after God is the first love of all. Mothers have to lay down their lives each time they go to delivery and birth. This is regardless of the age of a pregnant Mother. Female teens who get pregnant face many struggles and health risks from the time of conception through to birth and thereafter. A Mothers life or mind is never the same as another. Yet, collectively as pregnant mothers the USA is experiencing a high rate of pregnancies that many observers including politicians and parents are deeply concerned about.

In the USA (59%) of female teens have their first experience of sex with someone 1-3 yrs older. This may sound high but for the 21st Century I think teen girls in the USA are sticking within their age group limit. This should send out a warning and also free dating education lessons never try to date a female teen if you are considerably older.


In other parts of the world countries such as Ethiopia, India, Pakistan and some Arab countries adolescent pregnancies (girls under 16) are dangerously popular. The UNFPA is trying to educate and tackle the dangers of adolescent marriages and pregnancies in Ethiopia. If one truly respects and loves a Mother they will not place under 16 year old girls in health and medical danger. Perhaps, some countries and cultures need to examine the way they love, sex and marry. An adolescent girl faces four times the risk of maternal death and in India and Pakistan due to the dowry most families do not want new-born baby girls so they abandon the child and in some cases look down on the Mother for birthing only girls. Back in December, 2009 a 12 yr old girl died while giving birth in Yemen.

England is the worst in Europe for obesity and teen pregnancies. Repeat teenage pregnancies in England and Europe are also on the increase. Few government officials around the world can conclude or explain the growing trend of teenage pregnancies. I believe the Music Industry especially that of Hip Hop and its promotion of sexually explicit dancing and flirtatious lifestyles added to pornography widely available on the Internet FREE in most cases for your name and email address, plus the invention of chat rooms and technology where now a teen or child can use their cell to get sexually aroused. The last time I visited a newsagent or grocery store adult magazines were still high on the top shelf now children and teens have cell-phones, lap-tops, video games, social networking, chat rooms and PC’s most parents do not understand.

Do you Love Your Mother?

A Mother is the birthing of all nations, cultures and creed. She is the womb of the world every Mother is universally connected of Spirit to spirit. Of course, equally there is no birth or delivery without the intercourse or sperm of a Man. This is why we all need each other and for us all to embrace Universal Love a good place to start is respecting one another. I did say… ONE ANOTHER. This is a two-way street or one-way together Male and Female as a couple.