Hutches for Rabbits – Creating a Suitable Home

Rabbits are a lovely addition to the home but you must ensure that you are prepared for one. A suitable home for rabbits must be created in order for your new pet to be happy in their new home.

A hutch is the best home for a rabbit. It is a large weatherproof house which is raised off the ground and is usually placed in the garden. Depending on what breed of rabbit you have, the recommended size for a rabbit hutch is 6ft long x 2ft wide x 2ft high. You should ensure that your hutch is big enough so that they can stand upright without them touching the ceiling, long enough in order for them to hop a minimum of three paces and big enough for them to stretch out completely and comfortably.

Do my rabbits need an exercise run as well as a hutch?

Rabbits need as much space as possible as they love to jump, hop and exercise. A run will ensure that they can exercise as much as they like without them escaping from the garden or being caught by a predator. A run should be attached to the hutch in order for them to use it when they want to and in winter months they should have access to an indoor run.

How big should an exercise run for rabbits be?

Rabbit runs should be a minimum of 8ft x 4ft x 2ft, depending on the breed of rabbit. Ideally, rabbits should be able to jump as much as they want, instead of just hopping around.

Should I move the hutch if the weather gets very hot or very cold?

Rabbits are just as susceptible to heat stroke in the summer months as cats and dogs are, so in times of hot weather, their hutches and runs should be moved into areas where they can take advantage of the cool shade. In winter months when the weather gets cold, they should be moved inside the home, an outhouse or a garage where no cars are stored (as car fumes can kill rabbits).

What type of bedding should I give my rabbits?

Rabbits need somewhere comfortable to sleep, so you should place newspaper or clean wood shavings in the hutch as lining before placing straw or some soft hay on top.

How often do I need to clean my rabbit hutch?

Ideally, you will need to clean hutch once a day. Uneaten food and wet shavings or bedding should be taken out of the hutch and the food and water containers will need to be cleaned and refilled daily. Once a week you will need to scrub the hutch completely in order for it to be clean.