Human Anatomy – Muscles – 10 Important Facts!

The muscles are an important part of our body that people admire for various reasons. Athletes train their strength in order to be successful, while body builders dedicate their lives to building their muscles big and strong. Here is a quick list of 10 facts about the human muscle anatomy.

There are three different types or groups of muscles. These are the skeletal muscles, the cardiac muscles and the so called smooth muscles.
The skeletal type are the those that we train when we “work out”, and are those that you can visually see and control. Most are directly attached to the bones via tendons, while others, like the abdominal muscles for instance, are instead placed into the aponeuroses tendons.
These smooth type are also known as involuntary muscles, and can be found within walls of organs. These do their work without you realizing it and can not be seen from an external perspective. An example of this type are muscles within your eyes that help you focus.
The Cardiac muscle is only found in the heart.
The muscles work by contracting and relaxing. For pretty much every contraction you can do, there’s another muscular organ that can reverse the movement.
Typically, one end of the muscular organ is attached to a movable part, while the other end is attached to a fixed part.
There are about 640 muscles in the human body, although some claim there are over 800. The exact number is debatable, because there are different opinions on what is and what isn”t an independent muscular organ.
Almost all of the muscles come in pairs. This means that there are around 320 pairs.
The musclular organ is made out of muscle cells which contain thousands or millions of myofibrils.
The “facia” is a type of connection tissue that is wrapped around the muscles.