How to Write an eBook Sales Page That Will Makes Sales!

Many self-publishers think that learning how to write an ebook is the hard part. Actually, it’s not. Ebook marketing is where the real work comes in. I know, I’ve written over 50 ebooks and have been selling them online since 2004. One of the first things an author needs to do is create a sales page. Before we get into the specifics of this though, let’s take a brief look at the “real” purpose of this page.

Ebook Marketing Tip: The Real Purpose of an Ebook Landing Page

Over and beyond the obvious – sell your ebook – a sales page (aka landing page) should turn potential readers into loyal, long-term customers. So think futuristically when creating your ebook’s sales page. Even if your call to action is a direct sale (eg, asking the visitor to purchase your book), invite them to sign up for your Author newsletter so that you can start an ongoing relationship with them.

You see, your success as a writer doesn’t depend on sale from a customer, but on repeat sales. So, capturing visitor information like an email address is critical to starting that all-important relationship with them.

Now that you hopefully realize the primary purpose of an ebook sales page, let’s look at three vital elements each one should have.

Ebook Marketing: 3 Keys to Writing an Ebook Sales Page That Sells

1. Spell Out the Benefits: This is the number one ebook marketing mistake many new self-publishers make. They talk about what their ebook “is” (ie, the features of it), instead of what it “does” (ie, the benefits of it) for the buyer. Don’t make this rookie mistake.

Before creating your landing page, sit down and make a list of how the information in your ebook can help make the buyer’s life better, eg, will it help them start a home-based business so they can quit a job they hate; will it help them drop those last 10 pounds before their wedding day; will it help them win the love of their life back?

These are benefits; not features.

2. Make It Visually Appealing: People read differently on the web than they do offline. If your ebook’s landing page isn’t visually appealing, it can cause a potential buyer to click away, instead of reading all the great benefits you’re offering them.

So do things like using bolded headlines to clue the reader in as to what’s coming up; make paragraphs no longer than 4-5 lines; stay away from distracting bells and whistles like dancing and/or flashing graphics. Ultimately, you want the reader to hone in on your message, not be distracted by pictures and graphics.

3. Ask for the Sale! This is the most obvious, but one of the most overlooked things many ebook sales pages lack. Ask the reader to buy. A simple, “Get it now for only $9.95“, or a strategically placed “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button will do.

Learning how to write an ebook sales page is a skill – just like learning how to write an ebook is. It takes practice, testing different sales messages, using different styles of pages, etc. In short, it’s an ongoing process – but one well worth investing in to sell more ebooks online.