How to watch World Cup 2022

There still are games to be played in the group stage of World Cup 2022. There still are teams fighting for a berth in the knockout round. But the United States is not one of them, having sealed second place in Group B after a 1-0 win over Iran on November 29. That sets up a Round of 16 match against the Netherlands at 10 a.m. Eastern time on Saturday, December 3. The match will be broadcast on Fox in the United States.

The final group stage match potentially game at great cost, however. Midfielder Christian Pulisic scored in the 38th minute but collided with Iran goalkeeper Alireza Beiravand in the process, taking a hit to the midsection. Pulisic came back in until halftime, at which point he was subbed out. He’s been cleared to play in Saturday’s game against Holland.

Not yet known is whether Sargent will be available. He’s been day to day after an injury in Tuesday’s match against Iran.

United States in the World Cup app.

Tuesday’s game showed no signs of the international intrigue that led up to the opening whistle. Iran and the U.S. haven’t been on great terms in decades, of course, so there was that obvious storyline. And a social media flap caused by the U.S. soccer federation — not the team itself — only fueled the pregame madness. But all that went out the window at kickoff.

Up next for the Americans are a Dutch team that won two of its three group games, having beaten Senegal and Qatar, with a draw against Ecuador.

Elsewhere, the rest of the round-of-16 field is set. We’ve got the full schedule below, but joining the U.S. and Holland are Argentina vs. Australia, France vs. Poland, England vs. Senegal, Japan vs. Croatia, Morocco vs. Spain, Brazil vs. South Korea, and Portugal vs. Switzerland.

Here’s how to watch the rest of the World Cup, which wraps up with the final on December 18.

How to stream World Cup 2022 for free

If you’re in the United States, you’ll be able to watch all 64 matches on either Fox or FS1. Both channels are available on every major streaming service in the United States, which is good, because it makes it super easy to stream World Cup 2022. And it’s a relatively even split, with 35 matches on Fox and 29 on FS1.

Here’s how things break down across the major services. (Note that broadcast availability — meaning Fox proper — may vary a little depending on where you live.)

  • FuboTV: Fox on broadcast; FS1 available on both plans.
  • Hulu With Live TV: Fox on broadcast; FS1 available as part of the sole plan.
  • YouTube TV: Fox on broadcast; FS1 available as part of the sole plan.
  • Sling TV: Fox on broadcast; FS1 is available on the Sling Blue plan.
  • DirecTV Stream: Fox on broadcast; FS1 available on all plans.

Note that all of those streaming services have free trials, so you can watch the World Cup for free so long as those trials are active.

Every match also will be available on the Fox Sports app. That method requires a subscription to some other service — cable, satellite, or a livestreaming service. (What it doesn’t necessarily require is for that subscription to actually be yours.)

United States in the FIFA World Cup app.

When does the United States play?

The World Cup field is divided into eight groups of four. The United States is in Group B, along with England, Wales, and Iran. That’s intriguing for all kinds of reasons. Wales and England are both members of the United Kingdom, of course — the two faced off in their final game of the group stage, with England routing its island neighbor. And Iran isn’t exactly on the friendliest of terms with the United States (or the UK, for that matter) — at least insofar as political purposes are concerned, and they’ll close out their group play against each other.

Here’s the full group play schedule for the USA. All times are Eastern, and all three first-round matches will be on Fox, which means they’ll be available on broadcast channels as well as streaming services.

Every United States game will be on Fox.

  • Monday, November 21: United States 1, Wales 1 (watch the replay)
  • Friday, November 25: England 0, United States 0
  • Tuesday, November 29: United States 1, Iran 0
  • Saturday, December 3: United States vs. Netherlands, 10 a.m. ET

How to watch the World Cup in 4K and HDR

And this may well be best-looking World Cup in history, thanks to your television. You’ll be able to watch World Cup 2022 in 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) in a number of places.

Every match of this World Cup will be produced in 4K, Fox says. And you’ll be able to watch each match in 4K on the Fox Sports app, on YouTube TV, or on FuboTV. It’s worth noting — just for the purists out there — that unlike Fox’s Super Bowl LIV coverage, (which was actually a 1080p image that was upscaled to 4K), this time Fox says it will shoot and broadcast the matches in native 4K. The studio segments, however, will continue to be upscaled.

A 4K stream will give you the highest resolution, which makes details easier to see. 60 frames per second (fps) is another aspect of Fox’s 4K coverage and it’s the key to keeping that extra 4K detail visible even at times when the action gets really fast. Finally, HDR is going to make everything pop — the grass will look greener, team uniforms will look more colorful, and the ball might even be easier to see thanks to HDR’s higher contrast.

If you want to use the Fox Sports app to watch matches in 4K, you’ll need to have a subscription to a cable, satellite or streaming service.

FuboTV throws in 4K content for free. You don’t have to pay anything extra for that luxury.

YouTube TV, on the other hand, requires you to also subscribe to its 4K Plus add-on if you want any 4K content, live or otherwise. You get the first month free — which covers the entirety of the World Cup. The 4K Plus option then costs $10 a month for the first year, and doubles to $20 a month after that. And in addition to some live sports, you’ll also find a number of on-demand programs available in 4K.

Regardless of which method you use, you’ll absolutely want to watch the World Cup in 4K. It’s so much better.

World Cup in Spanish.

Watch the World Cup in Español

One could argue that American announcers just don’t have the same feel as what you’ll get in Spanish. (Or even UK English, for that matter.) Fortunately, you’ve got options to watch the World Cup in Spanish.

Telemundo Deportes is the exclusive Spanish-language home of the World Cup in the United States. It’ll broadcast all 64 matches live (56 on Telemundo, and eight on Universo because of simultaneous kickoffs), with Opening Ceremony coverage starting at 11 a.m. ET on Telemundo and Peacock.

Every match will have an hour of pre-game coverage. And with the initial group-stage matches, on-side coverage begins at 4 a.m. Eastern.

Full World Cup 2022 schedule

Here’s the full Group Stage schedule for World Cup 2022. Teams play three games in their group in hopes of advancing to the Round of 16, at which point the tournament becomes single-elimination. The semifinals will be played December 14, the third-place game on December 17, and the World Cup final on December 18.

All times here are Eastern.

Sunday, November 20

Ecuador 2, Qatar 0

Monday, November 21

England 6, Iran 2
Netherlands 2, Senegal 0
United States 1, Wales 1

Tuesday, November 22

Saudi Arabia 2, Argentina 1
Denmark 0, Tunisia 0
Mexico 0, Poland 0
France 4, Australia 1

Wednesday, November 23

Morocco 0, Croatia 0
Japan 2, Germany 1
Spain 7, Costa Rica 0
Belgium 1, Canada 0

Thursday, November 24

Switzerland 1, Cameroon 0
Uruguay 0, South Korea 0
Portugal 3, Ghana 2
Brazil 2, Serbia 0

Friday, November 25

Iran 2, Wales 0
Senegal 3, Qatar 1
Netherlands 1 Ecuador 1
England 0, United States 0

Saturday, November 26

Australia 1, Tunisia 0
Poland 2, Saudi Arabia 0
France 2, Denmark 1
Argentina 2, Mexico 0

Sunday, November 27

Costa Rica 1, Japan 0
Morocco 2, Belgium 0
Croatia 4, Canada 1
Spain 1, Germany 1

Monday, November 28

Cameron 3, Serbia 3
Ghana 3, South Korea 2
Brazil 1, Switzerland 0
Portugal 2, Uruguay 0

Tuesday, November 29

Netherlands 2, Qatar 0
Senegal 2, Ecuador 1
England3, Wales 0
United States 1, Iran 0

Wednesday, November 30

Tunisia 1, France 0
Australia 1, Denmark 0
Mexico 2, Saudi Arabia 1
Argentina 2, Poland 0

Thursday, December 1

Croatia 0, Belgium 0
Morocco 2, Canada 1
Japan 2, Spain 1
Germany 4, Costa Rica 2

Friday, December 2

South Korea 2, Portugal 1
Uruguay 2, Ghana 0
Cameroon 1, Brazil 0
Switzerland 3, Serbia 2

Round of 16 matches

Saturday, December 3

United States vs. Netherlands, Fox, 10 a.m.
Argentina vs. Australia, Fox, 2 p.m.

Sunday, December 4

France vs. Poland, FS1, 10 a.m.
England vs. Senegal, FS1, 2 p.m.

Monday, December 5

Japan vs. Croatia, Fox, 10 a.m.
Brazil vs. South Korea, Fox, 2 pm.

Tuesday, December 6

Morocco vs. Spain, Fox, 10 a.m.
Portugal vs. Switzerland, Fox, 2 p.m.

Watch World Cup content for free on Tubi

Tubi — the free and ad-supported streaming service (aka “FAST”) owned by Fox, also will have a ton of World Cup content. All 64 games available there in on-demand fasion, free of charge. And Tubi also has a fair amount of other on-demand World Cup content, too. Shows include:

  • FIFA World Cup Classics
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup Classics
  • Gold Stars — The True Story
  • When the World Watched
  • Etched in Gold

They’re all available now, directly in the Tubi app. But Tubi also is rolling out a dedicated World Cup channel, appropriately (if a little awkwardly) called “FIFA World Cup FAST Channel.”

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