How to Take Care of a Kitten – Easy Practical Steps

Now that you have selected a new kitten and are thrilled to bring it home, you would certainly like to give it the best care and treatment, especially in the beginning of its life with you. Here are some tips to assist you in developing your newly adopted pet to an affectionate, confident, grown-up cat and to get the utmost pleasure from its company.

  1. Be sure that you are prepared for the arrival of this new member to your family. Keep his bed, toys, food and litter box ready. This proves helpful in settling down to the new environment swiftly.
  2. Handle the pet a lot. That way they become accustomed to that and get trained for enjoying it. Consequently, they are very likely to become more affectionate on attaining adulthood and love to be hugged and cuddled. You need to handle them gently. In case you have kids at home, you should supervise their handling of kitten, lest they should get hurt accidentally.
  3. Let the pet get accustomed to getting your care regularly. This should include his grooming and bathing, cleaning his eyes and ears, and washing the face. Getting started with these practices early ensures that you won’t have many problems when it grows up.
  4. Gradually, make him familiar with the items that he would need to deal with regularly. For instance, it should learn getting friendly with other kids, pets and people. It should feel comfortable traveling in your car or spending a few nights with another member of your family when you are holidaying.
  5. Offer your pet a variety of foods meant for kittens. This should prepare him to accept different kinds of food without getting snobbish, whenever circumstances don’t permit you to offer its favorite food.
  6. Gently and gradually, but firmly, define boundaries to your pet. Like kids, kittens tend to reach areas not safe for them. It is quite normal for a kitten to jump, scratch and bite things like furniture, curtains and foodstuff on your kitchen slab. When you kitten acts naughty, gently move it away from that place after having stopped it by saying NO. You should understand that training a young kitten is much easier than training an adult. That makes it imperative to let it know its boundaries. It saves you from many nuisances in the years ahead.
  7. Don’t get carried by your pet’s vocal blackmail. Some kittens get things done by their continuous meowing. When you keep submitting to such whims, you are sure to have an adult cat that will drive you crazy with its regular noisy demands.