How To Select A Time Attendance System

A time attendance system can help businesses simplify their payroll processes, and provide better transparency in regard to labour tracking and estimating. By providing human resource departments and managers with a comprehensive view of their workforce a time attendance software can allow businesses to limit the amount of overtime needed, and ensure that labour costing is accurate, thereby increasing the profit of a business. Obviously there are a literal wealth of benefits of using a time clock based system. But what do businesses need to look out for in a system? What are some things that need to be avoided? And what options are there?


Security is paramount in this technological driven world. With criminals increasing in their expanse of identity theft both at a personal and corporate level, businesses need to ensure that their most precious asset, that is data, is secure. A time attendance system has at it’s core a significant amount of data, both personal and financial. The company has a responsibility to ensure that this is secure. Therefore a time and attendance system needs to be encrypted and with limited entry points. Businesses should not even consider a program that does not use 256 bit encryption. Use a reputable brand, that has corporate backing, and a focus on ongoing technological research.

Networking and Accessibility

In order for a time tracking system to be efficient it needs to have accessibility and networking features. The benefit of using an electronic system is that the data can be transferred between devices easily. If a business only has one location, then a simple data transfer system may be all that is needed. But if a business has multiple locations then a cloud based system will allow maximum functionality. By storing the data in the cloud, then users can have secure access to the data wherever this is needed. This is a function that is especially helpful to corporations that need instant access to data, in order to make informed decisions in regards to labour costing.

Biometric Features

One of the traditional downfalls of time clocks is the ease of scamming the system. “Buddy punching” and falsified signatures ensured that individuals were making gains out of companies loses. It is estimated that $711 million is lost by Australian businesses annually because of buddy punching alone. Additionally with many manual time sheet systems, managers often implore employees to “guestimate” the hours worked in the last day or two of a pay cycle so that the data can be quickly shipped through to the relevant department.

Modern time clocks have facial and fingerprint recognition features, which allows accurate data to be collected and prevents time theft by employees. In order to optimise the use of these features a time attendance system is needed that can easily sync with the latest enterprise grade time clocks. Reports need to be easily generated and exported without excessive functioning. The TimeTec online program has been designed for use with the latest ranges of FingerTec time clocks.