How to Get Quick and Easy Scholarships

Quick and easy scholarships are great opportunities that you can take advantage of to add to your college fund. Unlike regular academic scholarships or need-based federal financial aid, your chances of winning these quick and easy scholarships will not always be dependent on your grades or your family’s income. In fact, more often than not you barely have to do anything to qualify for and get these scholarships.

What makes these scholarships so easy to obtain? Mainly it’s because either the qualifications for these scholarships are so unusual or they are designed for specific people that the competition for them is not as fierce as that with regular scholarships. What are these quick and easy scholarships and how can you get them? Read on and learn a few examples.

Unusual Scholarships You Can Get Based on Your Interests

As mentioned above, there are scholarships where the requirements imposed upon the applicants are considered unusual. These requirements can be anything, but in general, they can appeal to the candidates interests and creativity.

For instance, there are scholarships falling under this category where the candidates are only made to write micro-essays just three to five sentences long so they could get a chance to win some college money. There are scholarships that challenge their candidates into making a dress out of duck tape. There are also scholarships that award money to people who have done community service, who have written school papers on a particular subject, who are gifted with artistic talents, and others.

These scholarships are easy because you do not need to be a straight-A student or lacking in income to qualify for them. All you have to do to get a shot at winning college money is to be yourself and do something you already love. You will not have difficulty finding scholarships like these on the Internet.

Scholarships Designed for Specific People that You Can Avail Of

While there are scholarships meant for people who have a certain set of interests, there are also scholarships designed for specific types of people. These types of scholarships are relatively easy to get because their requirements are so specific that it would be very difficult for the general public to qualify.

For example, there is a school in Pennsylvania that awards scholarships to left-handed people. There are a number of organizations that fund scholarships to students with a history of cancer or some other ailment in the family. There are some non-profit groups that give money to abused single mothers so they could go back to school and improve their situation in life. There are associations that offer college funding to members of racial minorities. If you think you are a fit candidate for any scholarships of this kind, you are highly likely to get them. Again, all you need to do is to search for these scholarships on the Internet.