Good Written Books Vs. Bad Written Books

Have you ever been drawn by the title of a book and then ended up being disappointed as you reached the end?

There are so many new books published every day that are just waiting to be discovered. But it isn’t all about the covers. It’s about a title that attracts peoples attention. Then the synopsis or a blur.

It’s all about that title and what we expect from it, and today there are so many titles that are either shit when it comes to attracting people just like their synopsis, or very good titles but very bad synopsis.

So where is the problem then?

The problem is that people are jumping very fast to conclusions before asking friends, agents or family for their opinion. We are too afraid to hear them out because we don’t want to be criticized. But guess what, that is exactly what we need. We need to let people criticize us so we could come up with something good.

Whether the critics are good or bad we still need them to work on our mistakes and our stories. It doesn’t matter how we want our story to be told, what matters is how we write it.

Good story has to be hated at least twice.

Yes it has to be hated from some people. Because if it isn’t, if everyone likes it you know there is something you have done wrong. The readers expectations will be bigger and you wouldn’t like to disappoint them, when that is exactly what we need to do. That is exactly what every story needs. Disappointments for readers to read further to see the new developments.

The good story takes at least three turns that makes it so interesting. One twist doesn’t count. People will get bored instantly. Take for an example The Capital Crime from Laura Wilson.

It’s nice that the book is based on two true events, but when it comes to that, people tend to be very fast not to solve a problem and stretch the story further.


After I have read first five chapters I could tell that the neighbor was a killer. Afterwards, I had to make myself to finish reading the book as it became really predictable and boring. Now that is what we don’t want to see in stories.

Laura Wilson has an amazing books that she writes. She is an amazing writer, but that determination and confidence has gotten way ahead of her.

We all love her books, but with Capital Crime, which I have read multiple times, I could tell she was just stretching the story until she finished it.

Unlike The Capital Crime, the new fiction by Marian Keyes set in a world of realism and heartbreak, The Break has it all covered.

The story just keeps on taking interesting turns and funny situations. From crazy parents to her marriage that is/is not falling apart and even more drama, people just keep embracing her book ready to read more.

The title is what makes it all interesting, synopsis and peoples reactions. Its simple and interesting title is what triggers our curiosity, attention and wish to pick up the book.

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