Forex Trading Education – The Truth About Forex Education

All professions today require quite a bit of education and hands-on training. Four-plus years are required for nearly every professional class job, with doctors having something around twelve years of education on average, and lawyers having something around eight years. Each one of these involves building a wide foundation of basic knowledge and a period of practicum. From a solid knowledge foundation, most professionals then specialize in a targeted field to become specialists. A profession such as Forex trading is no exception. The main difference is that more of today’s Forex traders are not groomed in Forex education universities. They are individuals that have set out trying to make a living and earn money in the financial world without proper trading education.

There are more Forex training courses available to individuals that want to be successful traders than ever before. Some of these Forex trading courses are only two days or one week long and there are also free Forex education courses with the intent to push additional products. There are plenty of Forex education reviews and testimonials claiming the benefits of specific courses. If a five-day Forex education really works, then the government can save lots of money by sending all unemployment recipients to such training. Suddenly, we would have an influx of high school and college drop outs with everyone signing up for such a currency trading course. So far, the best Forex training courses have not lived up to even 1% of the marketing hype and luxury living they have claimed.

Why are there still people looking for “Currency Trading for Beginners”? The answer lies in the psychology of human greed. Life is tough, and people are constantly looking for a way to easy money or a promise of hope. They are the hopes and dreams that keep each of us going each day. Unfortunately, the marketers understand our emotions, and they will take advantage of our greed to create profits for themselves. There are lots of people providing Forex education training and currency trading courses. Can Forex education be obtained within one week? It is impossible to provide a complete Forex trading education within one year; hence, it is not feasible to accomplish one month, let alone in a single one-week currency trade course.

The best method for Forex trading education is one-on-one. Most Forex educators will not offer this type of setting as they can earn much more money by teaching in a classroom with 40 or more students or by providing training via DVDs. The analogy of Forex DVD training is like having a medical student watching a heart transplant on DVD, and then expecting him to perform the actual surgery the next day.