For Human Anatomy Students – Study and Learn Physiology the Right Way

Organizing the body in your human anatomy course means putting things in logical order. This is a little tricky when it comes to the body. because you are not quite sure what to start with. The natural inclination is to start with the skeletal system. This is a great choice when you are ready to get into the study of the systems, but your not quite there yet.

You need to go back one step further. and determine what is the skeletal system made up of. This part is easy, its simply made up of cells like the entire body is. Once you have completed your study of cells. you will then be ready to move forward.

When you get to the study of the skeletal system you will learn that its what holds your body up. So what is the body? Yes, its all the systems and organs that you are going to learn about, but the body is made up of tissue. Where the skeleton holds the body up, it’s the tissue that holds everything in. Without tissue, the inside of the lungs would spill out. Without tissue, the inside of the kidneys would be exposed. This applies to every organ and internal item with the body. The tissue is the case, or the cover. You need to know what the tissue is comprised of.

You are going to say its comprised of cells and that’s correct. However all these cells collectively bond together to make what? Tissue of course. That’s not where this part of the study ends. You need to now understand the different structures of the tissue.

To make your notes for this part of the study remember that you will be studying the tissue in layers because it is made up of layers. You must learn and have a thorough understanding of what each layer does and its function. Reason being, you are going to need to know this so you will under the structures of the organs ,when you get to that part of your Human Anatomy studies.

In your text book you will most certainly have illustrations pointing out the major areas of your notes. The best way you can learn, is draw these each time you cover a point that has a picture explaining it. Do your best to do your drawings step by step with little box notes underneath each drawing. Color the diagram and match the border of the text with the same color.

If you follow these methods throughout your entire study of the Human Anatomy, you will have your knowledge stored in a very precise methodical order. Then when it comes time to write exams, you will automatically approach them in the same orderly way.

Its getting close to the time that you now need to draw a flow chart. Your flow chart should be a series of blocks. In each block as you learn a new section put the highlights in the block, then when you study the next topic do the same in the next block. This will serve as a check sheet when you are studying, to make sure you don’t leave out a step. With the amount of information you are absorbing it can easily be done. Not as likely when you get into the major systems, but it can happen when learning the basics.