Find the Best Places Around Bangalore for a Team Outing

Bangalore is a metropolitan city and the Information technology hub of India. The life of people in Bangalore revolves around those stuffy office cubicles inventing new technologies for the world. But everyone needs a break from the monotonous corporate routine.

So, here are the most amazing places around Bangalore that would calm your nerves and charge you up for the next slot of upcoming work.

• Amazing Race Team Building activities
Team activities for the Bangalore natives revolve around the team work done in the office. But forget about it for some time and indulge in an exciting journey of team building activities in Bangalore through Amazing team building activities in Bangalore. Thrilling treks and race programs bring energy and positivist back to your life. It is one of the best and adventurous team outing places in Bangalore.

• Ramanagara
Ramanagara, located 60km from Bangalore, offers an incredible extension to different fun sports and exercises. Whether it is sightseeing of the exotic and lush greenery or the adventurous trekking experience, the Silk town has a whole range of an exciting team building experiences for your outing.

• Confident Amoon Resort
Drive 44km to reach the most fabulous resort near Bangalore. The resort is well-maintained, provides all amenities and in addition to it offers plenty of fun filled activities and make your team outing even more amazing. It has around 24 swimming pools, badminton court, golf course, cricket stadium and rooms for indoor activities. This resort should top your list of the best team outing places in Bangalore.

• Kanakapura
It is a popular tourist hot spot situated about 58kms from Bangalore. It offers a perfect destination for those seeking adventure and also for the wildlife enthusiasts. It is a clean and healthy green place for adventurous activities.

• Anthargange
The beautiful caves of Anthargange are the best example of nature’s creativity. For those interested in exploring and trekking, the caves provide the best place to visit. It is just 65km away from Bangalore and is a hot spot for rock climbing as well.

• Chikmagalur
Located 245kms away from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is an impeccable destination for an adventurous team outing in Bangalore. You can try trekking in many short and long treks and bond with your friends in the midst of nature and coffee plantation. The destination also allows a perfect destination for wildlife safari as well as some thunderous water activities.—c—2022