FamilyIQ Review – A New Spin On The Family Business

Nestled in bright and sunny southern California is a new company with a fresh new vision – change lives. The vision of this company is improving family relationships while offering a powerful opportunity to those who carry their banner to make additional income. At the end of the review, I’ll show you how to use the power of modern technology to increase your outreach and maximize your potential with this exciting new company. There I will expose to you a plan of action founded on my 5 Step Internet Blueprint so you can engage those who would need your help the most ~ literally all over the world.The Company

Founded with values based on Family, Trust, Loyalty & Growth, the original founder of FamilyIQ Mark Hobbins, had a mission to empower individuals and parents to improve individual skills in order to build a stronger and more supportive family.

Along with his own personal 20 years plus experience, Mark surrounds himself with a dedicated and equally experienced corporate staff. All of whom hold the same standards, belief and values.

The Product

As is normal in a network marketing company, there are many levels to engage with FamilyIQ. The premier product is called the All-Inclusive Family Builder Package and is valued at $1,495.00. This package is an all in one deal with all of the products offered by FamilyIQ bundled into one.

Other products offered:

Preferred Customer Package – $179.00

Audio MP3 – $10 Non-Member, $5 Member

FamilyIQ Test – $1200 Non-Member, $1,000 Member

Online Courses – $40 Non-Member, $20 Member

Seminars – $50 Non-Member, $25 Member

Tests – $4 Non-Member, $2 Member

Workshops – $100 Non-Member, $50 Member

While that is an impressive list, it still doesn’t even include all of the free products offered along the way.

The Compensation

Now the power behind FamilyIQ is the Independent Business Owner (IBO) program found within the system. This allows one to offer the same great line of products to families who can use this system to also generate additional income