Electric VS Nitro Remote Control Helicopters

Nitro-fuelled helicopters are very popular with both adults and kids nowadays. It is even said to be the helicopter of choice for hobbyists and enthusiasts and in fact, can be a bit more costly than their electric counterparts. Unlike the electric remote control helicopters, the nitro-fuelled ones offer a superior quality and advanced performance that the electric-powered helicopters, making it the remote control helicopters of choice for those who intend to take remote control flying seriously and up a notch. Nitro remote control helicopters are also more customizable than the electric-powered ones, making them more enticing to buy, albeit a little more costly than the latter.


Remote control helicopters, both those powered by nitro fuels and electricity come in two packages: the ready-to-run (or in this case fly) boxes, and the self-assembly kit, where you will have to assemble your helicopter manually and make it fly all on your own. Of the two types of helicopters, the nitro-fuelled helicopters are deemed to be faster and more powerful.

If you are a newbie to remote control helicopters flying, then it is very highly recommended to start with ready-to-run electric helicopters before trying your hand on the nitro ones. This is because going over and using nitro helicopters directly might cause come serious damage not only to you but to others as well. Flying the nitro ones may also prove to be difficult if you don’t have any prior remote control helicopters flying experience.


If and when you have sufficient remote control flying experience, flying the nitro helicopters will be able to give you excitement and fun of operating a high-speed flying contraption that is definitely one of the most powerful toys in existence without any glitch. You may even use the same fuel that you use to power your lawnmower to make these flying babies work. Like the nitro RC car, the nitro helicopter comes with a very powerful internal engine that can make the helicopter fly fast and powerful. In fact, these little machines can go up to over 120 miles per hour on a good day. Given this knowledge, flying them with little or no experience can prove to be very destructive.

Good deals on nitro and electric RC helicopters are often available in the local market. But to be sure that you get the best deals, compare prices and specifications. If you are in need of any particular part that is very hard to find in your local stores, they may be available in various online toy and hobby shops. There is a very wide range of helicopter models to choose from so you can be sure that you will eventually come across one model that will suit your requirements and budget perfectly. Helicopter engines come in a wide range of capacities. If you are just starting out in the RC flying business, consider buying helicopters with smaller engine capacities. Remember to take certain precautions before putting you helicopter on flight to avoid any danger and accidents from occurring.