Effective Tips in Dealing With Critical People at Work

No matter where people go, they will always come across at least one critical person in their lives. And, whether they are right or wrong in doing so, these critical people will always be quick to point out perceived flaws and shortcomings in others. There will be people who criticize your relationships and people who criticize your school endeavors. Workplace critics are some of the most challenging to deal with because the worker is forced to find solutions. The following are some effective ways that a person can deal with critical people at work:

Extract the Positive Elements from the Criticism

Cutting down other people gives the critical person feelings of superiority in the situation. Oftentimes, they are quick to criticize others because of their own inner issues. Still, a criticism may have something golden in it if you hear it the right way. A criticism may be able to tell you something about your work strategy or your work tactics that you weren’t aware of previously. Choosing to take criticism as a heads up to some areas of improvement that you need to consider is a sound choice.

Separate or Disengage from the Criticism

Another way you can deal with criticism from another person is by disengaging. Disengaging from repetitive criticism is refusing to let such criticism get into your head. You can simply tell yourself that you will not allow anyone else’s negativity to touch you. Learning to disengage from criticism may take a while, but you will feel wonderful once you master the process.

Kill Them with Kindness

“Kill them with kindness” is a very old but still relevant and often used saying. The statement, of course, does not mean that your kindness will kill them in a literal sense, but it does mean that your kindness will kill any destructive motives that they may have. A person will have a difficult time continually tearing you down if you continually respond with kindness. The browbeater personality usually grows tired and moves on to an easier target. Eventually, the perfectionist will start looking at himself or herself for faults and will, hopefully, begin to work on themselves.

Be Confident in Yourself

Finally, feeling confident about yourself and your abilities is very important. One reason criticism may hurt you and cause you to feel a sense of inadequacy or unimportance is because of past experiences that insist on living inside your head. You may feel that your work just isn’t good enough for your employer. Some of the same reasons that may be behind the critical person’s attacks.

The best way to handle it is to keep in mind that you are qualified to do the job that you have been hired to do. You are as good as anyone else on the job and you should never feel bad because someone tells you that you need to improve on something. Recognize that it is an opportunity for growth which is important in all aspects of life.

Positive self-talk is one of the best ways to combat criticism besides turning it around and into something positive.