Educating Women in Network Marketing

Over the years I have studied the situation of women in North America and it is sad to see so many of them living in poverty. Unfortunately, like everything else, poverty snow-balls and given to the children of these women to inherit. According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, in Canada one in seven women live in poverty and in turn there are more than one million children living in poverty. This number is even more worrisome in the United States of America.

During my research I was not able to find statistics that agree on the exact number in the USA, however they all agree on putting the percentage high, between 45-64%. Poverty is strongly linked to education and scholastic achievement of children.

During the past year we have experienced one of the biggest economic downturn since 1929. The current economic situation causes poverty to rise and in turn makes education and jobs even more inaccessible than before. Traditional education was always pricey and was not necessarily accessible for everyone equally, however there were grants, student loans, and other help for women and children who wanted to pursue education.

Also in the past some companies even supported their employees in getting higher education for which the company paid for. As the economic situation worsens grants are few and far between as other government supported help, student loans carry high interest, and companies who used to be able to pay for their employees education are either shutting down or barely surviving. There is no guarantee for freshly graduated students to find work in their chosen profession and most of them have to take minimum wage jobs.

As the world turns, so to speak, we are pushed more and more to provide employment for ourselves. Women are especially prone to unemployment especially when they have children and they are the sole provider for their families, as they require more time off and will miss work more often. Also, the cost of daycare or babysitters can cost more than what they are able to earn at their jobs making things even harder.

The solution that I am going to point out is only one of many, it does not necessarily fit everyone or solve every problem on the same level, however, it can be a place to start out from.

I found Network Marketing a great solution over the years. Starting a network marketing business can be relatively inexpensive when it is done right. I am not talking about get rich quick schemes and opening a store in your garage or living room or going from door to door kind of business, but established Network Marketing businesses which women can run on the Internet without basically leaving their homes. Network Marketing can provide women with education that they will be able to use in other areas as well while earning an income.

To compare small traditional businesses and network marketing further, network marketing can be done from home and it does not require tons of complicated paperwork, business licenses, separate tax licenses and so on. Traditional small businesses can cost a lot of money, time and effort to set up, and unfortunately the failure rate is high. While in network marketing with effort, diligence and great mentoring provided, women can succeed relatively fast.

Generally speaking, having a network marketing business can result in tons of great tax advantages as well. Part of your mortgage or rent, electricity, heat, products and services that are related to your business and many more will become a tax shelter and will put money back into your pocket. The benefits of network marketing is endless.

Network Marketing companies offer education on their products as well as training on self development, leadership and other business related issues. There are individual teams as well and some of them offer access to online marketing trainings that will provide the real education in marketing.

Online courses are extremely convenient. First of all, some courses include a personal mentor women can turn to, who will guide them through the course, clarify things, set up a study program, hold the student accountable, and through time they will develop a close friendship with. There are other advantages for online courses like study at home, eliminates traveling, classrooms, and the need for babysitters; flexibility, study when there is time, no set times for classes to attend and my favorite part is being able to listen to the exact same lecture whenever I need to.

These online education programs can replace in part traditional education and can provide knowledge that women can apply in other parts of their lives as well.

However, it is important to note that when there is a possibility or when the opportunity arises for traditional education it should not be over looked. Traditional education has its positive sides and they should not be totally eliminated, overlooked, or ignored. The true reason for this article is to help women realize that they have other options beside traditional education that is more accessible, affordable, and can change their lives in so many ways.

There are a number of different online marketing education that are available for women. Some are expensive, and in my opinion do not provide clear explanation because they are made for more advanced marketers. After years of research I have came across of one that provides University style education, for beginners as well as for advanced students for a very affordable price.