Early Computer Usage – Typing Games For Children

Typing games for children can be fun and educational. It’s important for your child to have lots of fun whilst learning because if an activity is enjoyable to them then they are much more likely to learn more quickly and stick with a given activity.

There are various typing games for children including those which request your child types what they see on the screen. For instance, your child may be required to type the word “Elephant” when they see a picture of an Elephant. This is a great example of a typing game which can help to develop a few different types of skills at the same time including memory, cognitive skills and spelling as well as the obvious skills associated with using a keyboard.


The very first thing that you should teach your child when they are learning to use a computer are how to use a mouse to point and click, and how to type using a keyboard. These are certainly the most basic of skills that your child must learn in order to be able to operate a computer and get the most out of learning. Once they have mastered these skills and become experienced in using a keyboard and mouse, you can introduce them to the many different types of typing games that are available.

Most of the typing games that are available involve animated videos which impart knowledge to your child about the basic layout of a keyboard. The next step is to lay their fingers in the correct starting position across the keys. Your child must find the F and J keys which include the raised parts. The purpose of these specific keys is to provide you which specific keys that you can feel and use as a reference point on the keyboard. The real skill in typing quickly and accurately is looking at the screen much more than the keyboard and actually feeling your way around. There are lots of different pieces of software available to purchase for both PC and Apple Mac are which are extremely useful in teaching your child to learn how to type. Speed must be built up steadily with accuracy being the main concern when typing.


Typing is a modern skill which every child should learn but remember that everyone needs to have proper breaks from a computer screen to avoid eye strain and headaches. Happy typing!