Do You Want Your Son To Succeed in Life?

How many United States Presidents went to public school? Or Canadian Prime Ministers? The answer is less than half. Education matters for success – but the RIGHT kind of education matters even more.

So it comes as no surprise that when we read the stories of successful people, we frequently hear about prestigious schools in their background, as part of their formative training. A private school isn’t just a perk of the rich: it’s a vital part of a well-rounded education for your children too.

While public education struggles to provide for students, private education has the resources to really help their students. Whether their interest is in sports, the arts, or academic achievement, private schools stand ready to make it possible for them to achieve.

But there’s more. For many students of private schools, the contacts and friendships they make will help them in the years to come. Most people agree that success in life is in large part a matter of networking, whether it’s to start a business, find a job, or otherwise move up in the world. What better place to network – really network – than in a place where like-minded career students reside?

And specialty schools can provide even more help – the benefits of single gender education are becoming more and more obvious esp in books like The War Against Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers. She argues that misguided feminism is harming our young men. Its a popular idea, and so by focusing on the specific learning styles and interests of boys, the private boys-only education system can greatly improve the male pupils’ chances for future success. For instance, they offer a full curriculum with a wide variety of ways to excel. Check out YouTube videos made by private schools that show areas in which they really help students, such as academic achievement, and there are plenty of videos that show athletics, or the arts.

As their videos of the arts and drama show, there’s another real benefit in a boys-only school: without the usual adolescent posturing around girls, the boys are free to pursue what they want in class, including courses that might appear “uncool” or “lame” in a co-ed environment. The result is students try any classes that they are interested in, whether it be sports or academics, and therefore they have a real chance to train in what they are best at, and most likely to excel in.

And the results of a private education can be impressive; the stats are in for the average graduating class in 2007, and Canadian private school students were accepted to universities at the rate of four acceptances per student! And if that weren’t enough, the roughly one hundred students received scholarships totaling over one million dollars – for an average of ten thousand dollars per student!

If you are a parent, then you likely wonder how you can best prepare your little one for their future. It’s no coincidence that parents are highly concerned with the right schools for their child’s education. Looking into a private school before university is a great way to improve your child’s chances of eventually ending up in that “good school” and getting a degree (and career) they can be proud of.